Say It, Do It!

Katherine wrote a post a few weeks ago titled “Say It, Do It!” and I found it especially pertinent to this morning’s run. Why you may ask? Because Katherine and I have been trying to meet up for a run for about two weeks now, but with her living midtown east, and me upper west, its hard to find a nice middle ground. But today, Katherine had planned to tackle her 16-mile run (a PDR for her!) in the glorious hills of Central Park, and I had 10 that I wanted to knock out before work. So last night, even though Mr.Weatherman said we would be getting a large dose of rainage this morning (and all day today), Katherine and I said we were going to get our runs in rain or shine!

I woke up around 6 a.m. to the HAMMERING of rain outside my window. Seriously, it sounded like it was coming down by the bucket-load out there. I texted Katherine to see if she was feeling the dread as much as I was.

My text: “Holy rain. Not quite the drizzle I thought it would be…”

[insert silent plea to cancel due to weather]

Her response: “I’m still heading out! Doesn’t seem so bad by me right now!”

[Katherine gets badass points, Katie gets motivated]

About an hour later I met her at the northwest corner of the park, where she was settling into her long run around mile 5. I had one under my belt and after a very quick and wet introduction, we immediately got moving. The run was, well…awesome! The park was nearly deserted which is something I wasn’t expecting (this was my first early-morning return to the park in quite some time), as I’m used to it being packed with early a.m. runners. Guess a lot of NY is doing taper time and has no need to brave the rain? Any who, it was nice having the road to ourselves to chat, and chat we did. For 1.5 takes around the 5-mile loop. It’s always so fun getting to know a fellow blogger/runner! We talked what I think everyone in that category of community talks about: running and New York!

Katherine peeled off as we reached the southeast corner for the second time to finish up her miles/head home. A big fat congrats to Katherine for a PDR this morning…in the RAIN!

I continued back up to the northwest corner and finished up the run at about 12 miles. I only meant to do 10. And now I need to be at work in 4 minutes and I still don’t have my rain shoes on/my life together, so I need to cut this short! Sorry, I had wanted it to be long and detailed and filled with pretty pictures so all of you holed up from the rain would have something extra to read today. Cause my blog is your go-to for a good read, right? Wrong, I know. But a girl can dream 🙂

Just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am to have gotten that run out of the way early today, how THANKFUL I am that Katherine had the determination to get on the road this a.m. (otherwise I may have never gotten out of bed and spent 10 miles on the dreadmill tonight. YUCK) and how much I LOVE making new running friends 🙂

Happy Wednesday folks, stay dry!!!


4 Responses to “Say It, Do It!”

  1. 1 runningismagical October 19, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Wow- and I once complained about running roughly 6 miles in rain! With the ‘rainy’ season upon Southern California…I now have no excuse for not running.

  2. 2 thethinksicanthink October 20, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Having a running buddy who will get you out there in the rain – or who you will do that for – is the best.

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