I’m Back Baby!

Back in DC for a few days, that is…and loving every second of it!

hello, lovahhh

After a very long night of work on Friday, the JD and I heard the alarm go off at a very early hour–we were not happy to have to get out of bed so soon, but fought through the morning fuzzies, because we had a wedding to get to! We caught the 8:30 BoltBus out of Penn Station and headed down to our (well, really my…) old stomping grounds…DC!

After arriving at Union Station we had to hop right on the metro and scoot out to Northern Virginia. We arrived at the hotel at around 2:30 and got geared up for a quick trip the gym–we had a big night of booze, food and dancing ahead of us and needed to prepare! There was a whirlwind of fitting it all in, from the gym to the hotel lobby to reunite with old college friends to the church for the wedding ceremony. We all watched our friends Brad and Laura tie the knot, and reconvened at the reception for an amazing night of celebration. It was SO, SO good to see so many friendly faces–far too much time had went by in between!

On Sunday the JD and one of our Jersey friends dropped me off on their way back north–as I planned on squeezing in a little quality time in the city with some old roomies. We had an awesome afternoon that involved brunch at Scion and walking around Dupont and my old hood, good ol’ Gtown. Last night we went to my favoriteeeee tex-mex place, Cactus Cantina, where I oohed and ahhed over a menu I have memorized and ordered the same thing I get every time I go there, the amazing chicken fajitas. And we came home to some cupcakes that had been picked up at Sprinkles earlier in the day. Needless to say, I went to bed with a very satisfied tum.

This morning I woke up and shortly after, laced up. The weather in DC this weekend has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and made me so nostalgic for last fall, jogging all over the nation’s capitol while training for my half marathon. For today’s run, I wanted to touch some part of all my old favorite routes, so I jogged back to Georgetown to get things started on the right foot! I ran down along the Georgetown waterfront, up along the Potomac where it passes by the Watergate building, the Kennedy Center and leads up and around the Lincoln Memorial (stupid dumbphone lost the photo I snapped for you)!

From there it was down the Reflecting Pool (which I was sad to discover is no longer a pool, as they are STILL doing construction on it) and up to the Washington Monument…aka, the mother of all monuments (photo is at the beginning of this post for all of you wackos that may not have already figured that out). Afterwards the route loops back down Virginia Ave (you know, since I’m from Virginia) and back along the waterfront. In the good ol’ days, I pre-work run would have usually ended around there, at about 4.5 miles (in this case it was 6.5 due to the 2 mile jog over to Gtown). But I was feeling SO great and SO happy and SO in the groove (which was an amazing way to feel after Friday’s painful 14-miler) that I wanted to keep going, so I headed up to the Key Bridge (another photo that dumbphone failed me on) and crossed over to Rosslyn and back…twice. The run ended at just under 9 miles, and if I didn’t have two runs of 10 and 20 on the schedule for later in this week, I probably would have re-ran the entire thing. Today was one of those days when I felt like I could have run forever and never gotten tired of it. I don’t know if it was the beautiful fall weather, the euphoric feeling from being back on my old track, or the margarita/fajita combo from last night, but whatever it was…I hope its a feeling that I can re-conjure come race-day. If I can feel the way I felt today on Nov.12th, I will DOMINATE those 26.2 miles.

Anywho. Afterwards I grabbed a wrap from my one of the best sandwich places DC has to offer–Wisey’s–and slowly made my way eastward, back to Dupont. I took roads I’ve never taken before–in my 4+ years of living here–and passed a lot of new sights, including some pretty views of Rockcreek park, a statue of Gandhi, and four of these guys guarding the Dumbarton Bridge:

hey big fella!

Upon arriving back in the Dupont neighborhood I couldn’t help but stop for a quick sweet treat at Yogi Castle (a place similar to, but not quite as great as, 16 Handles), where pumpkin was the flavor of the month. Hot dog! It was delish.

Now its off to shower off the lovely sweat from that amaaaazing run and do some more wandering around town ’til my friends get home from their workdays and we saddle up for a night pumpkin carving and Hocus Pocus watching (yes, the promise of those 2 things very quickly convinced me to stay one more night in DC and head back to the Big Apple tomorrow a.m. What can I say?  I love holiday traditions).

Happy Monday kids! Make it great!




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