Summers Return

So it’s no secret that the weather all weekend has been back in the 70s and 80s and I am certainly glad I had been so lazy the last few weeks and didn’t swap out my current closet with all of the sweaters and winter weather items stored under my bed.

It’s hopefully also no secret that I ran my second 18-miler on Friday afternoon (18.5 miles if we want to get specific). And I’d like to spend a little more time doting on that.

I think I ran it way slower than the first, when I did it through NYRR, which is certainly NOT something I wanted to do. I am a big believer that every run I do should be better and faster than the one before, though I know that’s not the case and rightfully so. I ran slower for a number of reasons though: I had been working long, late hours (on my feet nonetheless), because of those long hours I got out the door at approximately 9:31 on Friday morning (I really do prefer to get started on long runs by like 7), because I got out the door so late my pre-run eating rituals were all askew (way more peanut butter than is reasonably necessary), I was exploring new territory for the first time (hello east side running paths), I had to dart a lot of pedestrians and dodge lights (boo east side running path that disappears circa 34th street) and I had to stop at water fountains while attempting to fuel properly mid-run (rather than have very nice NYRR volunteers drop cups of water in my hand as I jogged by).

So yeah, I think I was slower. But I’m okay with that and here’s why: even though I worked until one in the morning after that run (please keep in mind that after the first 18-miler I literally dozed off at the Mets game because my body was so exhausted), when I woke up on Saturday I felt FINE. Like, barely sore at all! I think this can be credited to my body learning to adjust to longer distances (finally, sheesh) and the fact that I forced myself to be good about the post-run stretching and foam rolling, AND I treated myself to compression socks for the first time. I think they are pretty awesome and I might live in them from now through November.

dear compression socks, every wonderful thing i've heard about you was true.

Anywho, long run aside, Saturday morning we woke up bright and early cause my little sis and her friend were visiting from Virginia. We headed down to Times Sq. for some touristy sightseeing and photo ops before making our way over to the river for the Circle Line Cruise. Ladies and gents, I’ve been to NY a million times over the years, and now I officially live here, and I STILL don’t get tired of this boat tour of the Big Apple. It’s worth the money and it’s worth it to go back again and again. You will never get such good shots of lady liberty herself, or the Manhattan skyline:

she gives the lincoln memorial a run for its money as far as my running monuments are concerned.

The girls had a good time and got lots of keepers for their scrapbooks and photo albums (or really, probably just facebook).

Then we walked around the village and past all of the stores and boutiques that I’ll never be able to afford before hopping on the train back up to Central Park. There, we met up with my uncle who gave us a quick and crazy ride around Columbus Circle on his pedicab. It was awesome. We also made sure to share a waffle from Wafels and Dinges before calling it a day.

I had anticipated us returning to the apartment around 4. It was actually 7:15 when we walked in the door. I banged out a 4 mile shake out run and hopped in the shower as quick as I could, but it was 9:00 by the time we made it out the door to find some dinner. We ended up in Little Italy at a place with awesome pizza, but crappy service. No shock there, I’m sure.

From there we scooted over to the east village and essentially chose our destination by who had the best music coming out of their front doors/windows. I need to look up the name of the place that won, because it was a fun little bar and I’d like to send you there. They had excellent music and lots of board games. If you know me/my family, you know this is a crowd pleaser. So we stayed put for a long while, sipping on drinks and playing Uno and Apples to Apples–neither of which I can say I won.

We bar hopped our way back to the Subway and walked in the door at the lovely hour of 3 a.m. I do NOT, repeat do NOT, stay out late (seriously, most often I’m falling asleep on top of bars at midnight), so this was a big change for me.

A not fun change either, since we were waking up at 9am to catch a train to Long Island, where my mother and lots of other family and friends were awaiting us. We hit up a Columbus Day street fair in Farmingdale and spent the remainder of the 85-degree day grilling out and playing cornhole at my aunt’s house. It felt like an awesome August day.

And today feels the same. So I will continue my stay on Long Island and try to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather, before heading back to the city…and running. and the gym. I need a lot of both of those after this weekend.

Hopefully you all are enjoying the holiday as well 🙂 Happy Monday!


3 Responses to “Summers Return”

  1. 1 squiggs October 10, 2011 at 11:49 am

    Rude since you know I keep scrapbooks over fb albums

  2. 2 thethinksicanthink October 10, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Also, remember – the 18 miler with NYRR you had lots of people running with you so it felt like a race and such — that makes a huge difference for me! Regardless, 18 miles is 18 miles.

  1. 1 Oh hi. I ran 20 miles today. « Marathon Winer Trackback on October 21, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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