So yesterday I was scheduled to volunteer at NYRR headquarters to give out race bibs for this weekend’s Norwegian Festival. I wasn’t scheduled to be on E.89th until 3:30, so I wanted to try to squeeze in as much as possible into the day beforehand. I made plans to slowly make my way down to Columbus Circle and picnic in the park, then see where the winds took me.

Well the winds picked up while I was underground, and when I emerged from the subway at 59th street, I found myself in a downpour. So much for that picnic! Instead, I stumbled into the Museum of Art and Design…a place that’s intrigued me for quite a while now.

perhaps i should have gone to the school for THIS sort of art and design instead?

The exhibit I had been eyeing while passing by to and from work all summer was no longer on display. No bueno. But there were other fun things to look at/make me feel super non-artistic (unartistic? anti-artsy?):

pretty wooden airplane that looks like its being carried by butterflies

a far better use for these cancer sticks!

Two floors of the museum were closed for renovations. This made for a much quicker trip through the place, but it also meant reduced entry fee. I’ll take it!

Afterwards the rain was still coming down and my stomach was growling. So I wandered around the Time Warner Building (aka NY Running Co., the only store I care about there) while eating a Chobani blueberry yogurt. Yum!

From there, I hopped on some trains downtown to the Nolita/Little Italy area, where I poked around a bunch of super cute boutiques (most of which I’ll never be able to afford) and adorable little kids stores in search of a baptism gift for my cousins new bebe. I found one that I am sooo excited to send down to Hotlanta!

While the Chobani for lunch was yummy, it wasn’t the most filling pick in the world, so I allowed myself a stopover at La-Cremeria. The sun had finally started to peak out and the sidewalks were warming up, so it was the perfect time for some gelato. Not to mention…I had a coupon for a free scoop 🙂 I went with the tiramisu. It hit the spot for the hot weather the day turned out, but wasn’t a 16-Handles kind of “wow”! In fact, this flavor tasted almost exactly like a Wendy’s Frosty to me….which is not, necessarily a bad thing. Just not what I expected.

The clock was pushing towards 3:00, so I hopped on an express train to get my booty up to NYRR HQ for my volunteer shift. I say “volunteer shift” lightly, because “volunteer” suggests I was doing a lot of personal giving, and “shift” sounds like work. Yes, I did what was asked of me and handed out bibs to fellow runners, but that part was fun. As far as the giving? My fellow volunteers were doing an awful lot of that…in the form of marathon advice for yours truly. Everyone alongside me had run the NYC marathon at least once…and many were on their 10th or 11th training cycles. One man was making this years ING his 20th lifetime marathon, and at 55, was working towards a goal of at least 25 rounds of 26.2 miles. Needless to say, I soaked up every word of wisdom they had to offer, from fueling, to hydration to beating the photograper-wanna-be tourists that run the Big Apples big race (which, thanks to yesterdays time at HQ, after tomorrow I will have AUTOMATIC entry into)! It was a great afternoon, and I might volunteer again just for the fun of picking the brains of my fellow NYC runners.

Afterwards the JD’s aunt and uncle had a chili dinner waiting for us at their apartment, and we spent one of the first “chilly” nights of the season eating, chatting and unloading a big chunk of Wednesday night’s batch of pumpkin cookies.

Today I thought I’d be taking a rest day and spending 8 hours working indoors on this gorgeous day. But, apparently my genius self read the schedule wrong and I’m now not working at all. And its beautiful out. Sooo that little plan to take a “total rest day” will have to be put on hold. I need to be out running in the sun while there’s still sun to enjoy 🙂

On the schedule for tomorrow is Grete’s Great Gallop followed immeeeediately by that 8-hour shift I was supposed to work today. Oops. Should be a blast.

Happy Friday kids!


– What’s your favorite museum to visit in the city? I want to explore as many as I can while I have the time!

-And along that same line….what’s your favorite ice cream/froyo/gelato place? And DON”T say 16 Handles. We already know that takes the cake, but I need to expand my horizons a bit.

– What are YOU doing for exercise/fun this weekend?



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