I know “cutback” weeks are important. But when just last week, I hit my lifetime peak mileage of 46.9 (shoot, let’s round up please), it’s hard to tell myself that this week, less is more. But I’m tryingggg….sort of 🙂

I LOVE that I’m hitting such high mileage and feeling good! And seeing numbers on my weekly recaps that are near reaching those of the so many other balllller runner/bloggers I stalk every morning. Sort of like the Grinch thought if good ol’ St. Nick could fit his toosh down the chimney, he could too:

then he sliddd down the chimney, a rather tight pinch. But! if santa could do it...then so could the Grinch!

Only unlike Santa’s svelt self, the Grinch got stuck (even if it was “only once, for a moment or two…”).  Santa, in this case, is like those other seasoned runners who can get away with 50 and 60 mile weeks worry-free. And I am the Grinch. It may seem easily appealing at first, but Santa has been scootin’ down chimneys for howwww many decades now? And the Grinch thought he could shimmy down without a problem on the first try? Psh. (Are you still with me? I am the Grinch and this marathon is my first chimney. I need to take it eaaaasy. Assess. Not get stuck…aka, injured, burnt out, etc.)

Lesson learned. Thank you, Mr. Grinch.

After loosening up the old legs on the elliptical last night, this morning I returned to Central Park for the first time since the big 18-miler. I had my doubts heading in that direction thinking I may start remembering the painful part of that run that I obviously just blacked out during (you know, since all I can recall is happy, euphoric thoughts), but that didn’t happen. I darted up Harlem Hill during the early portion of the loop and on the breezy way down smiled and thought, “ha. I did that three times three days ago. Today’s run ain’t got nothhhin on me!”

After a little more than 8 miles with the out-and-back I headed home to shower and change…so I could head to yoga! 🙂 Due to some summeresque humidity still hanging on, I was drenched after my run, and didn’t want to be “that stinky girl” in an already crowded Manhattan yoga studio, so I got clean and headed out the door to get sweaty again. Welcome to my life.

Yoga was awesome. The class was super slow-moving (aka, reason why I so often dislike the activity), but it focused a lot on hip twisting and stretching…and we allll knows I need that! I have a feeling I will wake up tomorrow feeling 100% refreshed and ready to rack up some more miles! Although this time, I may avoid the park seeing as how first thing Saturday a.m. I will return there for not three, but a mere two loops during Grete’s Great Gallop. I’m super excited about this half marathon for threeeee reasons:

– I think I’m in a really good place to actually try racing it and seeing how I can pace myself 🙂

– It is my first officially timed half since the first one I ran in Philly last fall

– Once this race is on the scoreboard, I will have completed NINE, read it–NINE, NYRR races! Know what that means? Only one volunteer (+1) sesh until this little lady gets automatic access to run the ING NYC Marathon! Oh, and I just HAPPEN to be volunteering at HQ tomorrow afternoon. Wootwoot! NYC, here I come!

Well, that is of course, if things go according to plan on November 12th

this is the happy little fb message i woke up to today. 45 days. EEKS!

Soon after seeing this motivational/terrifying message from SunTrust Richmond Marathon though, they posted this:

Thank you Richmond Marathon. This took the edge of my queasiness just a bit.

So aside from all of this marathon training/raceday excitement and overall honeymoon lovin’ with running in my life, I’ve actually been a little bit down in the dumps in other aspects. How to remedy that? I think I’m gonna get a little Izzy Stevens with my emotions tonight and go a little crazy in the kitchen. I’ll let you know what chocolately sugary goodness comes out of that 🙂

Happy Wednesday kids!

– Does anyyyone know anyyyone else who is running or has run Richmond? Put me in touch!

– If you’re picking up a race packet tomorrow, look for me and say hellllooo!

– What activity–yoga, baking, ModernFamilywatching, whatever–pulls you out of a rut–running, work, life, whatever-wise?


2 Responses to “Define…cutback?”

  1. 1 runningismagical September 29, 2011 at 1:18 am

    I like to change it up with a spin class or yoga when I start to get a little burnt out or discouraged due to tough runs. So its awesome that you’re taking precautions early on. Keep up the awesome work on the training 🙂

  2. 2 marathon winer September 29, 2011 at 10:54 am

    thanks!! i need to do a spin class…i did one for the first time a few months ago and LOVED it, but my membership to the gym it was at expired right after 😦 for now, its elliptical or yoga for crosstraining, but i wanna spinnnn!

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