Hold Up Due to Laziness and Fake Mashed

This post is coming far later than I’d like because I just could NOT fathom the idea of facing the bloggerworld today, only to report that I have still not yet gone to yoga. I’ve done enough whining about it, and therefore needed to just shut up and get it over with. That was my thought process as I laid in bed with the alarm going off at 7 a.m.

Then I told myself, whelp, if I’m not writing til after I’ve gotten bendy, there’s no need to race out of bed to run. It made sense in my head.

So after a morning of job hunting and whatnot around the apartment, I finally got my toosh out for a run around 11. I had planned to head down to the reservoir, do one loop and return home…which would ring me in at around 4 miles and make Hal happy (if Hal knew I existed/gave two hoots about my training). Instead, my runner’s high got the best of me…again. And I added on a loop of the bridle path. This brought me instead, to a little over 6 miles. Oops. But I just haaaad toooo. It was a gorgeous day (albeit, a little muggy from all this on-and-off rain) and I had nowhere to be and nothing to do (well, minus yoga of course, but you know how much effort I put into getting to that every day…). So extra bridle loop it was. And I felt awesome after. And wanted to do more, but I didn’t because I know the extra little bit I already had done will be deeply regretted come Sunday, when I have to throw down 18 miles with NYRR. Again, oops!


Remember all those things I said were on my to-do list yesterday? A bunch of them were ticked off (the fact that they were slowly ticked off over the course of yesterday and today is besides the point). After yesterdays run and job hunt I took advantage of the free time/nice weather and walked through Central Park to this little gem:

you're almost as pretty as the lincoln monument, but you need abe to really work it

The Met is a place I’ve been many a time, but not once since I became a NYC “resident”. There’s a handful of exhibits that make me laugh and scoff (really? a solid red canvas? my niece could do better). There’s a handful I always enjoy (photography is the go-to, but there are others I’m learning to appreciate), but this is my favorite:

LOVE. this view. and never get tired of it.

It was a lovely afternoon. Then I had a busy night of making money (for reals, I did, and that’s why I couldn’t go to yoga yesterday).

I have another busy night of money-making tonight, so I spent this afternoon making the dinner I meant to make yesterday. Even though I won’t be home to eat it tonight. Makes sense, right? I’ve been wanting to get creative in the kitchen during this down time and it has yet to happen. So with these last two nights being booked up at the dinner hour, I decided I’d just make it, and myself and/or the JD will get to eating it when we do–if we do, for all I know it could STINK.

I’m trying mashed cauliflower instead of mashed taters with honey-mustard chicken from a healthy in a hurry cookbook my sis gave me last Christmas.

Then, in very SweatyEmily style, I decided I would go work on my bendiness (post shower) and head straight to this evenings event (sans a second shower). I’m classy. I swear, I was trying to make it to yoga, but by the time I cleaned all of the splayed cauliflower off the kitchen walls and lets the sauce for the chicken finish its simmer, I had missed all of the afternoon classes. BUT…there’s an awesome but…I WENT TO PILATES instead! My first ever pilates class at BodyStrength Fitness. They have a newbie special fee, and its much closer to home so I scooped it right up. It was awesome. A little less annoying than yoga (since there’s no chanting and no “poses” named after animals) and just as good of a workout for my very non-flexible self. All that hip pain I was experiencing a while back? Would probably never exist if I was a pilates regular. It burned, but in a good way, and I think this is another add-on for marathon training. If I want my hips to be able to support 26.2 miles. Oh, brother.

Anywho, I’m late for said evening event. Tomorrow I’ve got a running date in the a.m. and a concert date in the evening…should be an awesssome day 🙂

– Have you ever tried Pilates?

– Have you ever made/eaten the faux mashed potatoes? I don’t think I made them as well as Julia Child might (if she’d ever dare making fake on the tater), but they actually do taste yummy!


6 Responses to “Hold Up Due to Laziness and Fake Mashed”

  1. 1 Tara September 22, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    I can only abide those cauliflower faux mashed taters if they are pretty much swimming in salt and butter, which kind of defeats the purpose, right? So I usually just stick with the regular mashed potatoes!

    I’ll confess that I, too, have had the HARDEST time making it to yoga (or pilates, for that matter) during marathon training.

  2. 2 marathon winer September 22, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    haha, well my “mashed cauliflower” was really just soggy, chunky cauliflower. haha, but i seasoned it with a smidgeon of this delicious dressing, oregano, garlic powder and salt and pepper. thats not toooo terrible right? they looked funky, but tasted pretty good!

    i DO recommend pilates though. i think i would definitely dread a return to that vs yoga. too bad i have a 10-class package i bought for yoga…baahhhh

  3. 3 sweatpassionandtears September 22, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    ha I haven’t made it to yoga yet this week either, even though it’s on my list of “to do’s.” I was supposed to go this morning, but the class was canceled so I can’t control that right!? Not to say I wasn’t THRILLED to lay in bed an extra hour…

    You have hip pain too? You’ve intrigued me to try pilates again, I need to focus more on strengthening so I don’t further injure myself.

    Good luck on your long run Saturday!

  4. 4 marathon winer September 22, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    if you ever want to try a pilates class let me know! i will be the one flailing around from being so weaksauce and helping every other classmates self esteem skyrocket!

  5. 6 runningismagical September 23, 2011 at 12:42 am

    I’ve done pilates and it always makes me so sore! I swear it works muscles I forget I even have! And I haven’t adventured into mashed cauliflower yet, but it seems to be all the hype!

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