September Can Still Make You Sweat

Happy Wednesday! Once again, I was severely tempted to push snooze this a.m. and wake up whenever I felt good and ready to, sip on coffee while watching Hoda and Kathy and getting my run in whenever I happened to feel like it. On marathon day, I will not have that luxury. So today, I did not allow myself to have it either. I got my toosh out of bed and out the door before the JD had even left for work. And I’m sooo glad I did.

Al Roker and all of the other weather dispensers keep telling me its going to rain today. But for the time I spent circling Central Park, the sun was peaking through just enough to say good morning without clogging me down in perspiration. That’s not to say though, that it wasn’t warm out. Especially after my 8/9/10 miles were finished [sidenote: I REALLY need a Garmin. My maps of CP are contradicting with my poor navigation skills on MapMyRun, so all I know about this mornings run is that is was either 8.4 miles, 10.1 miles or somewhere in between. NOT COOL. Ok, this rant is over]. In fact, for one particularly bright and sunshiney leg of the run I remember smiling to myself and thinking “ha! all of you that gave up so quickly. summer is NOT over!” And then I passed 8439403 people wearing poofy Northface coats, wool hats and fancy scarves. PEOPLE! It is September. In New York. Not January in New York. And not September in Canada (and even then, I’m pretty sure the pom poms on your head would still be unnecessary). If there’s one thing I learned when I moved here it’s that New York winters are loooong. So why is everyone in such a hurry to welcome this one in? I am not pleased.

Anywho. Minus the not knowing exactly how long I ran, and the continuous feelings of wanting to shin kick every overdressed New Yorker in my path, this mornings run was great. All I really cared about was covering 9 miles, in preparation for this upcoming weekend’s 18 miler. And if I did things Hal’s way, I wouldn’t even be doing 18 on Sunday. That’s not technically for a few more weeks, but my long run in Arkansas gave me the confidence I need to get through the run this weekend, and I really want the chance to do 18 with the support of NYRR and its awesome volunteers (i.e., need to practice fueling and drinking water better, and water stations on the course will definitely help with that).

Once again, I plan to tryyyyy my hardest to make it to a yoga class tonight! The studio I have the 3-class pass for though either has NO classes, or classes scheduled at the most inconvenient times. Grrr. I also plan to find a job/figure out my life today, finally unpack from my week away, put my new cooking skills to use and make something yummy for the JD and I to have for dinner tonight and actually hit up a museum or have some other sort of NYC fun. Quite the to-do list, eh? Guess which ONE I’ll probably accomplish? 🙂

Have a great day kids!

– Are you doing the tune-up this weekend?

– Ok, I’ve asked for help with training-time dinner recipes, and you know, I’m a big fancy chef now thanks to TriniSoul, but what about training-time BREAKFASTS? I eat cereal topped with blueberries every. single. morning. And I’m not complaining, because I LOVE it, but I know I should be incorporating some better foods in the a.m. meal. Any quick and easy suggestions?


2 Responses to “September Can Still Make You Sweat”

  1. 1 Grace @ Balancing Me September 21, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Hi there! Dropping by for the first time. About breakfasts … keep some multigrain bread and peanut butter around! I love mixing this with bananas (of course, some people are NOT banans / PB type of people). Also, oatmeal as the weather cools down is always yummy with fruit as well. Good luck on the 18-miler this weekend!

    • 2 marathon winer September 21, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      thanks grace!!! i looooovve PB toast! so a normal day is cereal for breakfast and PB toast for lunch. haha. i need to get creative! LOVE oatmeal when the weather is chilly too, nothing beats it!

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