Caribbean Flavaaa

Due to technological troubles, this post won’t be nearly as fun or as colorful as it could be. We took some snapshots at our Trinisoul Cooking Class last night, but couldn’t figure out the wee little task of getting them from the camera to the computer. Once the two start getting along better, I’ll be sure to update this post so you can see the delicious foods my aunt and I prepared for dinner last night…with the help of 7 other classmates and 2 super sweet teachers.

Cooking classes may be one of my new favorite things to do (so perhaps rather than go on this page, the pics will end up on the “My Concrete Jungle” “must-do’s”). The JD and I went to one in Midtown shortly after moving here and had an amazing experience with Chef Rebecca. She is so cool, in fact, that she donated two classes at The Social Table to a fundraising auction that my aunt helped put on a few weeks ago, for a very good cause.

Last night’s class was hosted by Chef B and Chef D–a whisk wielding, egg beating and habenero-loving couple from Brooklyn. Chef D hails from [I believe] Trinidad, and had a calendar full of Caribbean-inspired dishes for me to choose from…after, of course, I had purchased a Living Social deal for the class. I went with “A Taste of Barbados” because of the fresh fish, and the fact that plantains were on the menu. I never say no to plantains.

We made fishcakes, which really wound up just being fishballs (go ahead and chuckle if you must). Imagine a crabcake rolled into a hushpuppie size round, and made with tilapia instead of crab and a boatload of other fresh ingredients that me, my aunt and our 7 new friends chopped, diced and otherwise prepared. For the main meal there was more fish (this time, I believe it was cod?), with a sauce that was to KILL for…until someone dumped too much of Chef B’s super special HOT sauce into it. And then the sauce almost killed me. And I was unable to eat the maybe cod-fish. But I did manage to eat everything else and love every last lick of it. I’ve already gone into far too much detail that’s probably put you to sleep because as a nonfoodie my best descriptions of meals are “amazing” or “too spicy for my sissy tastebuds”. But if you’re somehow still interested, check out the TriniSoul web site for the full menu, and then maybe sign up for a class and tap into your own inner chef sometime.

Today I was slow moving, yet somehow still productive. All of the JD’s birthday gifts have been taken care of (his bday is Monday), I ordered my Road ID that I won in a giveaway hosted by Jess (this was super exciting for me because I’m pretty sure prior to this sweet safety bracelet I’ve never won anything), stared lovingly at my new pair of Tom’s that arrived last night and eventually made it down to the gym. Details from that our boring, so instead I’ll show you this photo of my child, who also got overly joyful when I opened my box of Tom’s:

she hasnt left this spot all day.

Now, for all of you doubters/haters out there reading this and saying, umm what happened to you saying you were going to do yoga today? And maybe even yesterday? Well it wasn’t my fault. There were NO classes offered during the day yesterday (and I wasn’t going to give up my Barbados night for the single one that was available later in the day) and there was not a single one today either. Soooo after my run tomorrow! Hopefully. Maybe…


-Have you tried any cooking classes? Thoughts?

– Do you like yoga? Okay, regardless I guess of whether or not you like it, what are some ways to get myself more mentally pumped about it??


6 Responses to “Caribbean Flavaaa”

  1. 1 Sass September 20, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Sorry about the pics!!!! I’m still working on it!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 sweatpassionandtears September 20, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    I have only tried cooking classes that are paired with wine tasting…so yeah, they’re not really cooking classes, but still fun! I recommend checking out NY Vintners if you like the wine/food thing.

    I don’t love yoga because I’m impatient, but a mental motivator is knowing that yoga will improve your running and drastically reduce your risk of injury with running. Now I’m being a hypocrite, but yoga is important to pair with marathon training.

    Exhale is having free yoga classes on Thursday. I’m going to the 7am class @ the Park Ave and 29th street location, you should sign up and come!

  3. 3 thethinksicanthink September 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    I need cooking classes as I am seriously culinarily challenged.

    I’ve been to yoga 2x in my life — not my favorite thing, but I am trying to learn to like it!

  4. 4 marathon winer September 21, 2011 at 10:24 am

    zomg i love knowing that im not the only person in the world who runs and dislikes getting my zen on! bahaha. i have a running date thursday a.m. but maybe i could rearrange for a free class…hmmm

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