Fist Pumpin’

I’m getting sort of pumped about this peak marathon training period.


i'm not too great with twitter. because i have a dumbphone.

i'm not too great with twitter. because i have a dumbphone.

but I use it anyway because running/blogging friends are so nice. and get me pumped.

So big thanks to Katherine, Twitter and the rest of the running/blogging world. If it weren’t for reading your posts and tweets during many longggggggg hours in the dreaded cubicle, I might not have found the motivation I needed to train for my first marathon. And I might not have kept the momentum I’ve got going right now. I ran a very big confident-boosting 15/16 miles while in Arkansas, all by my lonesome. So I’m pretty excited for this weekend’s 18-mile tune-up run with NYRR.

Last week ended in the 35/36 mile range. I wanted to bring it to a solid 40, but aside from Friday’s monumental run, Arkansan mileage stayed pretty low due to needing to spend quality time with fam and have lots of fun (well, that and the m60 that brought me home from the airport tonight took waaaay longer than I anticipated. Grr). But the QT and fun? Done and done:

There was a night in Blacksburg with Squigs, which was too quick for my liking, but better than nothing.

There was carb-loading at my favorite place west of the Mississippi:

yes. its a drive up diner, just like arnold's from happy days. and they bring beer to you. not that i condone that. but they have awesome t-shirts. see the masthead.

There were margaritas and live music:

the lovely ladies

There was the purchase of this amazing t-shirt:

i am a dinosaur. and its a long story. so we'll leave it at that.

There was that post-long run celebration at the epic Electric Cowboy. That apparently involved a lot of “dancing”:

what do you do when the arkansonian bar you're at starts playing weird, slow country songs? you start your own dance party. and make everyone jealous of your sweet moves.

There were also lots of board games and card games (my family is known for this, and I am proud of it), my uncle’s bday celebration, lots more wedding dress shopping (dear kleinfelds, you should take a lesson from the nice ladies at the Always & Forever of Ft. Smith), helping the cousin load her U-haul for Chicago (ok, I know I said I was glad for a place to visit, but now that I’m back in NYC I’m super sad you’re not here) and many other good times.

And now that I’m back in the Big Apple, with about a month and half to go til marathon day and BEAUTIFUL running weather, it’s go-time (even though I’m secretly still trying to convince myself its summer). I’m fist pumpin’ my way into some serious training.

This morning was a big welcome home jog in Central Park with a loop around each of the reservoir and bridle path, rounding out at about 6 miles. The weather was so perfect and I would have loved to go further, but want to stay in sync with Hal’s schedule. Not to mention, after the interview I’m about to head out to, I’m truly hoping to squeeze some yoga in. Yes, I can do yoga. And I can enjoy it. So here’s hoping that works out today.

And then, instead of inhaling french fries and other delicious food reminiscent of Ed Walker’s glorious menu, I will be indulging in good-for-me foods from now til Nov. 12th. Beginning with a made-by-me spread of Barbados-infused fish. Details on that tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂

Happy Monday kids!

– Sad to see summer go, or too pumped for fall [read: pumpkin everything] to get too bummed?

– What’s your favorite training recipe?


4 Responses to “Fist Pumpin’”

  1. 1 thethinksicanthink September 19, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Doing your 1st 18 miler will be great at the “tune up” since they have aid stations and such – it’ll be perfect practice!

    Sorry, barely cook, so no recipes!

  2. 2 sweatpassionandtears September 19, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Glad to help 🙂 You’ve run 16 miles already, you can do this!

    I believe french fries are the best training food!…and cake obviously

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