Hokies, hedgehogs and flying tires…oh my!

Sorry for the lapse yesterday kids…hard to blog when you are still living in the stone age [read:2008] and lack a little something called a smart phone, and are logging 84023984298230 miles–not on foot (ha,  I wish), but by car. Traveling from NYC, to Hokie nation, to the bustling streets of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Cousin and I made it to Blacksburg at around 8:30 Monday night–after a very TrueBloodesque detour through the winding, mountainous roads of Southwest Virginia–where we were greeted by Squigs, her generous bartender of a boyfriend, and this guy:

Hokiebird looks like a badass. Bet he could run (fly?) a marathon.

We ate dinner at a great little place called The Cellar, where we were entertained by a live jazz band and Blacksburg locals getting their groove on. It was awesome and I so wish I had moves like that 80-something year old couple. After a delish meal of pizza topped with spinach and artichoke, and an Octoberfest on the side, we scooted over to bar where Squiggles’ main squeeze works to say hello. We discovered said squeeze owns a hedgehog, and it became a priority to meet him. However, as soon as Squigs reached her hand in to pick up the little guy, he made a [seemingly cute] noise (which was later described as a “huff”) and pricked little sis. I was then very scared to interact with him at all:

Please do not huff while in my hands little guy.

After a not-so-early bedtime we were already up an at ’em, saying our goodbye to Squigs and Hokie nation. Rather than bore you with details from our 483490324 hour-long hike through the insanely long state of Tennessee, I will just let you know to be careful if you’re ever on highway 40 West, because apparently, the pavement they laid on it was imbedded with nails. We saw about 873 blown tires over the course of yesterday, including an entire one that we ran over. It scared the bejesus out of us, but we recovered and the car was fine. Shwoof.

I could also bore with you with all of the photos I took while crossing over the border into Tennessee and Arkansas for the first time, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll let you know that as unglamorous as Arkansas may sound, I now understand why it’s called the Natural State. It’s really freaking pretty. Point proven:

This is 1 of about 76 sunset photos I took. I could not get enough.

I’m hoping I can find a sunrise to match this on Friday morning, when I plan to do my longest/first-ever 15 mile run. Though it may be tough to find, seeing as how this morning I had difficulty finding a nearby route I could cover my 7 miler on. I ended up tired, frustrated and a wee bit lazy (13 hours in a car will do that to you), and decided to settle on running a 1.04 mile loop of my uncles neighborhood 7 times. So that’s what I did. Eww.

I am a girl who likes one big loop that can successfully cover the predetermined mileage of a run. I don’t mind when I have to double up on Central Park for 12 miles, because repeating a loop twice isn’t so bad. But 7 times?  Tis a bit much. I handled it well until about the 5th loop then ran out mind games to play with myself and spent the last 2 miles repeating a little mantra that went like this “two more loops two more loops” and “one more loop one more loop”. Good times.

But my family here in ol’ Arky is awesome. And supportive. So they are trying really hard to help me come up with the best place to tackle my longest run to date. At the moment, it’s looking like it may be a park with a 5 mile trail, that I will only need to loop 3 times–not too shabby! Thank you, Arkansan fam.

Which reminds me of something I was thinking about while looping the neighb for the 4th time this morning…

Marathon training has been awesome in that it’s helped demonstrate to lots of friends and family my passion for this whole running thing. It used to be that even my own mother used to say, “why the he** are you running right now? 4 miles in this heat? are you crazy?” and now its more like, “oh, you have a 12 mile run scheduled for tomorrow? good luck.” or “hey sweatface, did you have a good run?”

It helps that family not only understands that this marathon really is happening, but that they are now starting to really support it happening. Now, if only I can understand and support it [read:stop waking up every morning and telling myself I’m not a runner/having mini palpitations from fear of race day]…bahahaha.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

– How do you liven up a repetitious route?

– Thoughts on hedgehogs? They are cute in the weird way pugs and armadillos are cute I think. But due to the huffing and nocturnal tendencies, I’m not so sure how I feel about them….


2 Responses to “Hokies, hedgehogs and flying tires…oh my!”

  1. 1 runningseal September 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Awww! I want a hedgehog as a pet!

  1. 1 Fist Pumpin’ « Marathon Winer Trackback on September 19, 2011 at 9:48 am

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