On the Road Again

I know, I know…all I do is blog from the road. I’m so busy traveling to crazy exotic places. I bet you love living vicariously through me on my travels to Richmond, Madison, Chicago. But brace yourselves for this one, kids, you’re in for a real treat. I’m about to start blogging from…

Fort Smith, Arkansas!


The caption this photo came with was "redneck horseshoes", Nothing I come up with will beat that.

That cousin, whose graduation I went to on Friday? She got a job in Chicago (woohoo, because now I know I love it AND have somewhere to stay to go visit again). Her family, who like myself, started out in New York and then did the Richmond thing for a little while (I tell you this so you know that they are NOT, I repeat NOT like the man above) before a job packed them up to ol’ Arky many moons ago (and we’ve been begging them to come home ever since). So before she begins life in Chi-town, she needs to gather up her NY life and her storage unit from the land of Sam Walton. And she chose me as her co-pilot for the ride. Hot dog! So we’re heading south with a stopover in Blacksburg to check in on my sister Squigs today, then making the rest of the trek through Tennessee and beyond tomorrow and I’ll fly back to the Big Apple next weekend. I’ve knocked out a quick run through the park, an interview downtown, and now I need to knockout a quick blog post so we can get a mooooove on!

But before I depart, I’ll update you on the rest of my morning and the weekend. As I’m sure you’re salivating in anticipation.

You heard about Friday’s flop of a run. Let’s not even talk about it right now because the thought of it makes me cringe a little (well, not really anymore, as it had a lot of good points to balance out the bad, and more recent events have made up for it…but we’ll get there).

Afterwards we did the graduation and celebration thing and had a grand ol’ time out in Dumbo (my first time in a Brooklyn bar in yearsss) before calling it an early night. And Saturday morning I was up an’ at ’em working on resumes and whatnot before heading to……an afternoon yoga class! I have a groupon with little life left, and checked out YogaGil on the upper west side for the first time. And I loved it. Certainly not because I was good at it (I was the very far opposite) or because I’m really good at clearing my head and breathing right and getting my zen on and all that, but I loveeeeddd it because my body had been aching after reaching almost 40 miles in the week prior and fighting through Friday’s brutal run. And after yoga? It didnt ache so bad. Now that I think about it…it didn’t really ache at all (well except for the upper arm pain serving as a little reminder that Wii Fit really does give you a good workout. Stop laughing. You try rythym boxking and tell me you don’t feel it the next day. Specifically in the upper arm/shoulder blade area). I felt so good, I even met the JD afterward for a long overdue trip to the gym for a little ellipticalling and minor weight lifting (aka, leg presses and the like, as you know how my arms were feeling).

On the way home we had an early bird dinner at Sushi Planet (thank you, restaurant.com for that coupon) and headed home for a relaxing night in. And it was relaxing. And awesome.

The awesome must have overflowed into Sunday, because when I woke up to head out for a 4-5 mile run, I felt so good that I thought “hey, maybe I’ll make it like 6 miles!” Then as the 6 miles came to a close I felt GREAT, and had hit the runner’s high I so missed on Friday. So I thought, why not add a little more? And I ended up running 9.6 miles. And realllly wanted to run more. But I knew if I added on anymore, I’d be late for my date at Kleinfelds with…my cousin (good lordy, girl. you are stealing all of the thunder in this post). I’ll give all you girls a few seconds to “oooh! and ahhh! and tell me how jealous you are:

This is not my cousin. This was picked at random.

Now please know, prior to this visit we had a convo that went like this:

Cousin: Kate, do you want to come to Kleinfeld’s with us on Sunday? Me: Sure!…what’s that? Cousin: OMGAREYOUSERIOUSSAYYESTOTHEDRESSDUH!!!

Oops? 🙂 Now I know what it all is. And I had a really good time there. In case you plan to ask, she did not say yes to a dress…YET. Good lordy, the girl’s got over a year before the wedding. She can’t very well take half the fun out of “planning” by picking a dress now. Besides. We need time to work on the application so next time at Kleinfeld’s I can make my debut and get spotted by an agent and become rich and famous….

Moving on. So yes. This post is going on too long. I was going to talk more about football (that I hate), buffalo chicken dip (that I made for the JD to eat while watching football even though I hate it) and 9/11. I can talk about that for a second. I spent all of yesterday morning before my stellar run watching the live coverage. And while I lived in Virginia 10 years ago, some part of my hearts always been in this city. And I still get chills everytime any reference is made to 9/11 and the many stories surrounding that day. It was incredibly heartwarming to see all the work that went into yesterday and while I didn’t make it down there then, I did stop by on Friday to see things firsthand and I’m so glad I did. It made that miserable run, memorable–in a very good way. I never would have seen those firemen dropping a flag down over the memorial otherwise.

All weekend long, up and down every street, in every park and at every subway station, we saw law enforcers and other uniformed men at the ready to serve and protect, just like they were 10 years ago. God bless them, all those lives lost ten years ago, all those who lost and are still grieving today, and the USA.




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