How’d that Happen?

It’s September. Seriously…how did that happen? I seriously think time has flown faster in the time since I moved to NYC than it ever has before. It seems like we were JUST apartment hunting, I was JUST finishing up my last few days of work in Arlington and going to my farewell happy hour with co-workers in the sleet. I just joined NYRR, missed the ING NYC Marathon Lottery and signed up for the Richmond one instead. That was yesterday, right?

My summer chock full of exploring Manhattan and visiting family and friends…that should still be in front of me, but its long behind. How DID that happen?

How did that whole summer of training time just fly by, and leave me with only 2 months to go until 26.2 miles? Craaaazy.


I just got back to Long Island after a 7+ hour carride in the rain. Not so fun.

The idea of running in said rain is even less fun.

But I was lazy yesterday and took an unplanned rest day. So I think I’m going to have to kick the billying [of myself] into high gear and try to atleast knock out 4 miles on the cold, wet streets of Farmingdale.

Prior to yesterday though, the weekend was successful. I banged out 13.1 miles again on Friday, did 4.5 miles of shake out Saturday, and randomly threw down 8.75 on Sunday.

So we’ll see what happens today.

Back to regular posting tomorrow, when I’m back in the city.



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