Oops I did it again

ran a little more than planned, that is. Maybe Brit will do a remake and make it a marathon version? In case her current fanbase is lacking in runners. I had 12 on the schedule for this morning, leading into 10 for next weekend for a nice taper before the big bad 15 coming up. But I’m pretty sure I accidentally ran another half marathon this morning. And I’m pretty pleased only because when I first started out I wasn’t sure I’d last past 6 miles.

Due to my parents still being without power, all of the family in town were scattered amongst my grandfather’s house, grandmothers, and some even hung out back at the homestead, drinking wine by lantern light. I ended up back in my grandmother’s neighborhood with my sister and niece and got an amaaaazing nights sleep.

My throat was getting a little scratchy last night, and even though I tried to soothe it with lots of froyo (went to Sweet Frog, the 16 Handles of the south–the cold has to be good for a sore throat, right?) and then lots of hot tea before bed, it was still a little off this morning. As I pushed snooze for the second time I considered just turning the alarm completely off and putting off a long run until Monday morning, but logic got the better of me and I knew I’d be happy to just get it out of the way. I fueled up with the usual PB and half a banana, and gave a stinger a whirl for the first time. I was not expecting to really like it, but I did indeed. I may try these a few more times before the next few long runs and see if it will be a winner for marathon day!

The weather was surprisingly cool this morning…still in the low-to-mid 60s when I headed out. I tried to let that factoid keep my spirits up, but my feet were feeling heavy and the tum was causing me some anxiety. I guess I can’t complain because it’s really the first time in this entire training cycle. There was a slightly surprising number of trees completely uprooted and toppled over each other and shoved off the roads. Irene really did a number down here in Richmond.

I built the first loop to leave me back at my grandmother’s house after an hour, so I could use the restroom, throw back some remaining sports beans and chug a bit of water, then headed back out.

The second loop was somehow a million times speedier, even though I thought I had used all the juice I had to drag myself through the first half of the run. My negative splits were so negative that I flew through that loop at least 10 minutes faster than the first time around and had to add in some impromptu mileage at the end. All in all, I once again covered about 13.1 miles, in what I believe was about 2 hours. I’ll take it. Labor day long run=done and done.

I went back and had some toast and fruit, followed with a few tastes of Petite Sweet cupcakes. Carbs are good after a long run! Then I joined my grandmother on her beautiful screened in porch to enjoy some coffee and the quiet of suburbia. Awesome start to the day, now here’s hoping we get some sun so I can go soak it up! Need some last-minute color before this summer heads out!

Guess this post wasn’t nearly as exciting, insightful or even clever as I was hoping with my little teaser last night. Sorrrrrry, there’s an adorable baby waiting to be held and a pool waiting to be jumped in.

Happy Thursday! Hopefully everyone’s heading out early for the long weekend and doing something fun 🙂

–What is your something fun for Labor Day?

–Have you tried the honey stingers? Soooo yum! What other fun fuels are out there that I don’t even know about??


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