Expiration Dates

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a groupon (and every other social couponing site under the sun) groupie. Seriously, I have a pile of 1/2 off this, $25 off that at home that is beginning to reach the ceiling. That fact alone should motivate me to start using some of these “coupons” (that I paid money for…you know, to save money), but it typically doesn’t. It’s the expiration date that always lights a fire under my toosh. And somehow, the last week of August was the expiration date for a number of pieces of paper in that wobbling pile.

On Monday night, I ate Wafels for dinner (http://wp.me/p1Im9i-3L), due to an impending “good until” mark. And last night, the JD and I enjoyed a BYOB painting class (while I’m not sure when the ex. date was for this guy, I realllly wanted to paint the picture they had assigned for last night, so it needed to happen) followed by a few nibbles and drinks at a new-to-us place called Sidebar–which we discovered is not only the name of a bar, but a very term relevant in both of our fields. From dictionary.com:

– a typographically distinct section of a page, as in a book or magazine, that amplifies or highlights the main text (i write these bad boys on the reg)
–  a conference between the judge and lawyers (JD!) out of the presence of the jury

Learn something new every day, right? Okay, you probably already knew all of that. Moving on.

So the painting class was put on by Paint Along NYC (http://paintalongnyc.com/) and was lotttts of fun! The JD and I had went to a very similar class when I lived in Georgetown called Brush and Blush (if you live in the NOVA/DC area I highly recommend checking it out). In Gtown, the class mostly consisted of couples having date night. The JD and I drank wine while painting pictures of wine bottles. It was all right up my marathonwiner-alley and a good time was had by all.

At PaintAlong last night, the art we were mimicking was that of a peacock feather. I was excited. I’m sure the JD was a little less so. Especially when he showed up to discover he was the only dude in attendance (this is why it’s a good idea that these places are BYOB. Wine makes everyone more at ease). I’m sure he was soooo happy that he left work early for that. Isn’t he a doll? 🙂 Anywho, peacock feathers and soaring estrogen/girl talk aside, we still had a really good time last night . And all the ladies present agreed that the JD was a trooper, but it was the perfect date night place.

Look ma, I can paint!

After scrubbing all the paint off our hands, hanging up our smocks and packing up our paintings, we headed down to Union Square.  Our tums were rumbly and we had $20 to kill on drinks–no problem there. I ordered the hummus platter and the JD, the buffalo chicken wrap. Both were surprisingly good for a sports bar (apparently Sidebar is run by the same people who own the Pourhouse) and I would definitely go back.

By the time we made it home it was prettty late for a random Tuesday night out, and I definitely did not make it up for my 4-miler this morning. Oops.

I’m hoping to squeeze it in sometime before leaving work today and heading out to Long Island tonight. Doable? Here’s hoping. Because I’d much rather get a run in now, than after being in a car for 6 hours tomorrow. I’m heading out to LI tonight so I can meet my aunt to roadtrip it back to Richmond–yep, another round of running on my parents sidewalk-less streets in southern humidity (hopefully, they will have power up and running by Thursday)! A cousin from Atlanta is supposed to be visiting and word on the street she’s bringing her adorable baby boy with her, whom I’m just itching to meet. I can give up CP for a few days for that 🙂 And hopefulllly the little sis and her bike will also be there, so I can give some of those crucial hills another go (http://wp.me/p1Im9i-28)and have company for a long run (http://wp.me/p1Im9i-2l)!

– Have you been to any painting classes? Know of any other unique classes I should be trying??

– What are YOUR Labor Day weekend plans?


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