Well that was weird.

I think I speak for everyone on the east coast when I say this weekend was a strange one. The biggest debate coming out of Irene’s visit to NYC seems to: did we over-hype the hurricane? Given the damage that was done both south (my poor fam lost power Saturday and is still in the dark today) and north of here, I think the NY government did what was necessary to keep as many people as safe as possible. We dodged a big bullet. Kudos, Bloomberg! I DO however, think some NYC residents may have overreacted overprepared, given the state of super market shelves and check-out lines all weekend. What are all of those people going to do with 8423094 tons of water and mini generators in their tiny apartments now? Oh, well.

Irene also ruined plans for a friend of mine to visit this weekend, which meant that for the first time in aboutttt 4 months, I had a full weekend, in Manhattan, fully free. But with 90% of stores and restaurants around town closed for most of Saturday and Sunday, the city was a bit of a ghost town. So even though we had little rain (at least during the waking hours), there was essentially nothing to do. Other than run. And drink wine. Both of which I did plenty of.

Since yesterday’s half in the Bronx was canceled, I decided to wake up early Saturday morning and run my own half marathon in Central Park. Apparently, everyone else signed up for the race had the same idea…or at least, every other runner in Manhattan was getting one last run in before the storm, because the park was packed on Saturday. With only runners and bikers, as everyone else was evacuating or locking themselves in their hotels for the weekend. During my 13.1 miles it was cloudy, but not yet raining and a light mist starting spitting just as I finished up. It was perfect.

The rest of Saturday day was spent watching the weather on the news (it was eerie seeing Times Sq deserted and other snapshots of a completely empty city) and out the window, and looking for opportunities to get outside and wander around before the “big rains”  came. By 8:00 cabin fever had already settled in–which was extremely upsetting since we were anticipating being hunkered down by even bigger rains all day Sunday. Saturday night, said cabin fever finally got the best of me and I broke down and opened up a bottle of wine, while settling in to a few hours worth of card games.

And apparently, in the few hours we slept, Irene came and went. When Sunday morning arrived and I flipped the TV back on for some more hurricane coverage, I discovered that NYC had seen the most it was going to see of the big bad cane. Parts of Battery Park and the east river flooded, Central Park and other areas had trees down and a few other hazards, but the UWS looked as if any other summertime storm had passed through.

The JD and I were itching to get out, and went for a long, leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, judging the sissy stores from the badass ones based one which ones were closed and which ones bothered to open. Luckily for our rumbling tummies, Jackson Hole was one of the badass ones:

this place was staying open no matter what Irene said

A veggie burger smothered in mushrooms with a large stack of fries on the side was the perfect post hurricane wine night half marathon lunch. Thank you, Jackson Hole, for not being a sissy.

85940 hours later, when we finally digested our hearty lunches, the JD and I hit the roads again, for a recovery run. Recovery from the 13.1 miles tackled Saturday morning, and the 13.1 drinks imbibed Saturday night. My legs were super stiff and achy at first, but by the end of 4.5 miles, they felt good and despite battling some brutal winds, I was sooo glad to have gotten out there. 35 miles for the week, check! And tonight, I’ll likely return to the gym for some ellipticalling to give the old legs a little breather.

After being hunkered down all weekend waiting for the dark and stormy, this morning welcomed a beautiful, beautiful day (albeit, a little too cool for my liking). The sun is shining and people are back to bustling around with big smiles on their faces. On top of that, despite the praying/panicking some people were doing over the subway system not being fully restored for this mornings commute, it was up and running at 6 a.m. And somehow (perhaps so many people were still stranded on Long Island or in other boroughs), it was even less crowded than usual, and running much faster than anticipated. Not a bad way to start a Monday, kids. So enjoy yours!

– How did you ring in the hurricane Saturday night?

– Did Irene force anyone to get creative with their runs this weekend? I was fully prepared to run repeats of my apartment buildings stairways yesterday morning (though thank gooooodness it didn’t come down to that)!


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