13.1 Done and Done

So what do you do when a hurricane cancels your half marathon in the Bronx? You run it anyway, the day before the planned race, in Central Park.

At least that’s what I do. And from the looks of CP this morning, so do a lot of other New Yorkers. The outer loop was paaacked today with crowds nearing the size of NYRR races (okay, slight exaggeration, but there was definitely a lot more people than a typical 7 a.m. jog through the park), and so many were decked out in their Bronx Half shirts. I unfortunately was not, even though I made a special effort to walk the 4.5 miles home from work yesterday just so I could swing by NYRR HQ and grab mine non-racing race shirt. But they  were out of every size but the super large manly ones. Apparently, if I’m up for the walk again on Tuesday, they’ll have some restocked for us ladies. I DID manage to pick up my pretty pink bib though!

I did not manage to wear said bib this a.m., though I guess I could have gotten a chuckle out of some fellow runners if I had. Even so…without a tee, without a bib and without a D-tag, I set out determined to run 13.1 miles.

And I did.

Pretty pink bib can go in the folio right? I mean I DID run 13.1...however unofficial...

And even though my watch has kicked the bucket, I’m pretty sure I beat my time on my last half–though there’s no official way to know (thanks a lot, Irene). The last time I remember seeing on the microwave as I left the apartment this a.m. was 6:47. I stretched a bit (which I assume killed a few minutes) and headed down and out of the apartment, and when I finished 13.17 miles, my cell phone said it was 8:50. So regardless of the lack of a d-tag, I’m quite pleased with this run.

Here’s a few other reasons I’m happy with this run, and am convinced that had the Bronx half not been canceled, I would have PR’d:

1. I was not racing. I was trying to take things nice and easy–not just because long runs should be nice and easy,  but I wanted to be 100% sure I didn’t put any unnecessary pressure on my hip. Had this been the Bronx half, I probably would have raced it (intentionally or not), and therefore decreased my time even more…I probably would have also finished with an aching hip and who knows what other pains. So I guess I have Irene to thank for that? Grr…thanks, girl.

2. I’m pretty sure I had negative splits. That was in no way planned, simply how things went. The first loop was pretty standard, but by the second loop I was getting tired. And wanted to be done. So I went up hills as fast as I could with the mentality “the sooner I get through this hill, the sooner I get to the downhill, the sooner I finish.” Etc, etc.

3. I had no tum issues. I won’t go into details, but anyone who’s heard me recap my half marathon last November knows that the tum created some obstacles for me, that I think ultimately affected my time. They also affected my post-marathon party plans. Today, I made zero potty stops during the run, and now, two hours after finishing, the tum is still going strong.

Here’s a few things I learned from this run:

1. I MUST learn how to fuel better for long runs. This went okay, because it’s a distance I’m comfortable with, but I was trying to use it to train myself into fueling during runs. All I managed was to pop like 4 Jelly Belly sports beans and a few sips of water at a fountain about 7 miles in. [Note: sports beans are NOT my fuel of choice, but they were the easiest to carry/manuever midrun, and they happened to be the first thing I saw on my way out the door.] See number 2 up above–I always get the mentality that I just want to finish, and I’d rather bust out a few more miles at the pace I’m at rather than stop for a snack and some H20. I realize this is stupid, and will be more apparently so as my mileage increases. Please tell me how to make myself take more efficient and frequent water and gu/gel/chomp/whatever breaks.

2. Ice baths and NYC bathtubs (at least mine) are not compatible. Again, for fear of doing any damage to my hip, I decided to try to take extra good care of it after this mornings run, and picked up a bag of ice on the way home. I followed all of Sweaty Emily’s tips, because this was my first-ever attempt at an ice bath and I wanted to do it right. However, my teenie tiny bath tub had other plans. I realized for the first time since moving in, I cannot even sit in said tub and stretch out my legs fully. It’s just not big enough. I also realized that not having a stopper for the drain and attempting to use the tub mat to keep the water in does not really work [note to self: get to a hardware store to try to fix that, stat]. And as I cannot control the water temp in my apartment, it was difficult to get it really cold to start. So the ice didn’t last long. But I did what I could to get that poor left hip submerged for as long as the water/ice will last. We’ll see how it feels later today.

Also later today, I’d love some hurricane-style 16 handles. Does anyone know if it will be open past noon? Will anything be open past noon? Irene’s causing a hot mess in this city.

I could go on for a while, but the JD and I are going to attempt a Rite-Aid run before the weather gets ugly. Wish us luck, because yesterday the drug store was so packed/rampaged you’d think the apocalypse was coming.

Stay dry, stay safe, and have an awesome hunkered-down weekend!


5 Responses to “13.1 Done and Done”

  1. 1 Kelly August 27, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Agreed – the park was hoppin’ this morning!! It was SO humid though – unbearable. I’m also super bummed about the half being canceled, but I can’t imagine racing in a legit hurricane.

    I have a feeling 16 Handles is closed but now. What a shame!

  2. 2 marathon winer August 27, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    haha, it was closed pretty early today. as was tastidilite, the lite choice, etc. etc. i neeeeeeded cold sweets after that run, and rita’s was the one place that could deliver! guess a hurricane shows you what businesses are the brave ones! funniest thing ever, girl working at rita’s…her name was irene!

  3. 3 sweatpassionandtears August 28, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    What’s wrong with your hip???

    I’ve never tried an ice bath because I HATE the cold, but I think I may give in and give it a shut soon :-/

    I couldn’t find bread anywhere yesterday and supermarkets were packed all because of Irene!

    • 4 marathon winer August 30, 2011 at 1:26 pm

      im not sure what was wrong with my hip…it used to be, that after long runs it would be achy for a little while that day, but go away. then i had like a week and a half of it just constantly hurtingggg. some friends sent me some stretches to try from when they had hip flexor problems, and ive been trying to do them pretty regularly…i think its working though! i havent felt any pain since doing those 13.1 miles on saturday! (knocking on wood!)

  1. 1 Clicking of the Heels « Marathon Winer Trackback on October 3, 2011 at 8:34 am

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