Come on, Irene!

So after alllll that whining and wondering what to do in Sunday’s half in the Bronx (go slow/try to PR/wear a poncho/etc) it’s canceled?!!? Due to inclement weather. While the sun is out shining as we speak.


Sunday Races Cancelled

Due to the cancellation of all NYC events on Sunday, August 28, the Bronx Half-Marathon and the Henry Isola Cross Country Classic have been cancelled. Bronx Half registered runners and volunteers who meet NYRR membership requirements will receive 9+1 qualifying credit toward 2012 marathon guaranteed entry, and registered runners who meet NYRR membership requirements will receive qualifying credit toward guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Half. Runners may still pick up their race shirts during registration hours at NYRR. In keeping with our policies, no race-entry refunds will be given.”

Ok, I get that when crazy rain and Night of the Twistersesque rains roll through here Sunday morning I will be very happy about NYRR’s decision to cancel. But as it stands right now…fjsdiofeonl!

Now I must make the crucial decision to try to run long tomorrow or Monday. Perks of running long tomorrow: rest of the [stormy] weekend can be enjoyed gallivanting around the city with my good friend from Bmore. You know, the one that got me hooked on racing (WordPress is being lame and wont let me be suave about inserting links, so here you go:

Sidenote: Irene may also stop her from making it here at all. UGH.

Perks of running long Monday: I can take the weekend to realllllly REST. Nip whatever this hip issue may have been in the bud for good [update: it is feeling significantly better since taking it easy on this week’s runs and doing stretches suggested by friends].

What’s a girl to dooooo?!

Anywho. Quick recap on the rest of yesterday…

The birthday lunch with my cousin was lovelyyyyy. We were also there to celebrate her getting a job out in Chicago to be closer to her fiance 🙂 And now that I’ve fallen in love with the Windy City (again, linkage issue:, I’m thrilled to have a place to visit any ol time I want! Congrats again, cous!

The rest of the workday trickled by. Afterwards I rushed home to make it to the bar both the cleaners and laundromat before last call closing time. That’s right. I spent a good chunk of my evening doing domestic chores, but I’m cool with it, because I have a 100% restocked supply of running clothes tossed into neatly folded in my dresser drawers.

And the housework was just done to kill time before meeting the JD for a delicious bday dinner at a hard to find but easy to love place called Antica Venezia. It was sort of in the middle of nowhere, but had awesome atmosphere and amaaaazing food. I tried the Red Snapper, JD the Veal Scallopini, and both of us had our fill of bread and complimentary appetizers galore. Too bad I didn’t have a run planned this morning because I was doing some serious carb loading. The meal was of course served with a delectable glass of Montepulciano (you know this marathon WINEr just can’t resist). And while I was faaaarrr too full to pick out something off the dessert menu, we were so graciously provided some lovely glasses of Sambuca and Limoncello…on the house! Can’t stick a candle in those, but a good sub for birthday cake nonetheless!

While the work is piling up, I’ll likely spend the remainder of today debating what to do as far the weekend, weather and running go. Yoga tonight? Gym tonight? Total rest tonight? Long run tomorrow? Long run Monday? Hurricane party Sunday (replay of Eagle hall during Isabel, anyone)?


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