Ouchie Mama

There are many great things about having an RB, but the two greatest are:

1. When you’re alarm goes off at 5:45 a.m. and you convince yourself you’re not realllly a runner and can just go to back sleep and make up those miles some other time, just before you hit snooze you remember your RB is waiting for you 10 blocks away so you better hop to it. Moral of story: having an RB is much better than having an alarm clock.

2. When you realllly don’t feel like running for this reason or that reason, as soon as you jog those 10 blocks to where your RB awaits, you have company. And the chatter helps take your mind off the fact that you didn’t want to be running, and the next thing you know you’ve hit your runner’s high and you’re good to go for another XX miles.

This morning, I failed my RB in terms of point numero uno up there. Sorry RB, I stink. I could just NOT get out of bed. My legs were stiff, my eyes were tired and I just could. not . do. it. and decided to put things off until later in the day. After I dozed back off and woke up a few hours later, I realized “later in the day” was not an option, as I’ve got errands on Long Island after work today. So I dragged my bootay outta bed and laced up for a solo, late morning run. Which means I also missed out on point numero dos above.

It was a gorgeous morning! The rain finally seems to have left for good, the sun was shining but the heat was holding off…everything about this morning said Runners Paradise. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t feeling it. Whatever the reason–those achy legs, the funny hip thing I’ve got going on or overall lack of sleep–I just could not hit that high today.

And I’ve realized that’s okay, for many reasons, primarily:

1. Perhaps the bod is screaming at telling me it’d like me to take a breather, go easy on it for a while. Ok, body. I can do that. Because,

2. Tomorrow is a travel day. And I’ll be traveling out to Chicago with the JD and his fam and really couldn’t guarantee any kind of a workout even if I wanted to, because I haven’t a clue where the day will bring us. Wish granted achy legs, funny hips and tired eyes. Get ready to rest up. Because burnout is one thing I do NOT want. Because,

3. Once I’m back from this long wedding weekend away I am going to finally sync up my schedule with what Hal has laid out in the training plan..though whether or not I’ll be following that novice 1 (vs 2 perhaps?) to a tee is still up in the air. One thing I DO know is, I want more quality and less quantity.

This morning I hit a little over 7 miles (that seems to be the theme this week), but I was miserable for most of them. Meanwhile, in Richmond, I covered a much shorter distance doing mountain hill repeats and loved every minute of it, plus felt like a badass for the intensity of the workout. That’s going to be the focus upon my return. And some shorter mileage in the week before the Bronx Half is probably, no–definitely, a good thing. There you have it body, wish/rest/Hals plan granted!

*Funny update…this was posted on FB this afternoon:

SunTrust Richmond Marathon: Do you have a training group or running buddy that’s helping you keep your eye on the prize? Tell us about ‘em and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Roadrunner Running Store. Winner will be drawn Thursday, August 25.

Ironic? I think not. MY marathon ALSO discussing RB’s and the day of choosing a winner is my bday? Hot dog! I want it!

Anywho–another busy day at work ahead, followed by a quick trip out to Long Island to drop off items for a realllllly great cause! New Yorkers/Long Islanders, if you’re around this weekend, it’d be worth your while (and the while of many others) to head to Cedar Beach for the 2nd Annual Lexi’s Beach Bash, hosted by the Alexis Pilkington Memorial Foundation! There will be live music, fun raffles and an auction with lots of cool giveaways 🙂

Onward to tackle the day! Not sure what the posting will be like while in Chicago/Madison, but will do my darndest to stay on top of things. If I don’t, make me feel cool and leave comments about how you’re just dyingggg to know what sort of runs I’m logging in the midwest 🙂

– Do you push through a run you don’t want to be running or call it a wash?

– [Shameless plug for my city] Is there a friendlier city than NY? No really. People who have never been to the Big Apple associate it with all things pushy and terrifying. But this city is so nice. A friend who was in for the bachelorette party this weekend (from Boston) said she’s never seen so many people so willing to give directions or smile a hello. I have NEVER seen a mom/babysitter/womanofothersortswithababy have to carry a stroller up a flight of subway stairs. Some gentleman always offers first. And the little man at my favorite fruit stand always takes whatever change I pull out of my pocket, even when I tell him I have more! He takes my 25 cents, hands me a plum and tells me to have a lovely day. I love this city. So tell me really…is there a friendlier one?


2 Responses to “Ouchie Mama”

  1. 1 kels August 17, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Maybe not friendlier but some Northwest cities (Seattle and surrounding, Denver- although I guess that one isn’t really NW) rank up there on the friendly scale. Maybe because of the abundance of hippies and outdoor activities? One huge misconception is ‘southern hospitality’- sorry but from someone who has lived and traveled in the south- I think this is far from the truth. You’re likely to get a weird look if you smile at someone on the street. NYC is wayyy more friendly – like our fencing friend we met at Sura!

  2. 2 Sassy August 18, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Thanks for the plug Kate!!!!

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