This weekend was a success in many ways. And a wee bit of a fail in one teeny tiny way.

After an amazing 12-mile run on Friday morning I was a busy bee at work before heading out early for a 2:00 interview. I won’t bore you with the details on that, especially since I never leave an interview with an “omigosh it went so well” feeling. We’ll wait and see what my inbox has to offer…which thus far, is nothing. Immediately following that interview I headed up to Penn Station to meet two of my very bestest gal pals in from Richmond for a Big Apple Bachelorette Weekend! We waited around tourist town for a few while waiting for the fourth member of our very-SATC style entourage to get in from Boston and then we were off to get 80s night started!

Our bride-to-be is a big fan of the Madonna era, so we opted to rock out at Joshua Tree–a place that many assured me would not disappoint when it came to continuous 80s music and boatloads of frat boys. And it did not disappoint. And while most of those frat boys and their just-out-of-college lady friends attend JTree in their street clothes, we decided to shake things up a bit. And got decked out in the greatest array of neon and sequins H&M had to offer. It was hot:

80s Night

This photo is apparently going on the bar's web site.

I may or may not have been the reason the night came to a close when it did, due to having had a 5:15 wake-up and 1 (or 10) too many dirty martinis. Spoiler: this is the fail of the weekend…the booze.

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day that we spent outside and on foot (zigzagging from Midtown to Union Sq. and back all day counts as CT, right?) as much as possible. After putting our feet up at the apartment for just a few minutes of relief, it was time to get ready for night #2. We started out at 44SW, a super cute little place in the Theater District, where a 5th bachelorette joined us from Astoria for the evening. Delicious food, delicious wine and plenty of good girl talk 🙂

From 44th we scooted on down to the West Village with one goal in mind: dancing (the bride-to-be’s favorite bar time activity). I don’t know the West Village well, but I know that it’s certainly not hard to find a fun bar, as there are about 12 on every block, so the goal was to just hop and go where the night took us. That mentality brought us to 1849, and funnily enough, Jekyll & Hyde (which I thought only existed in tourist town, aka, midtown). A strange pick for a bachelorette party? Yes. But since said bachelorette is getting hitched on Halloween weekend, it turned out it was a very appropriate place to grab a drink and whip out the iPhones to come up with a plan for the next pick.

We had Off the Wagon on the brain for a while, but somehow or another ended up at Wicked Willy’s. Which was the. best. place. we could have possibly ended up. A live band was playing covers of all kinds of favorites while subbing out names like Caroline or Sue with the bride-to-be’s name and actively enforcing the entire crowd to buy her and the bridal party shots. And they listened. Needless to say, Wicked Willy’s was wicked fun. After fighting with the blanket of rain that was coming down and some cranky cab drivers (what do you MEAN you won’t drive us to the UWS?) we made it home and passed out hard. Big Apple Bachelorette=success.

The rain continued all through yesterday and it was pretty awesome. Why? Because it was the first day in probably the last 842058490583443 that I can remember where I had nothing I needed to do. It felt awesome to just be lazy and relax for a while with no fixed schedule in sight.

Except, of course, for my marathon training schedule. I went into Big Apple Bachelorette weekend convinced that I could celebrate the bride-to-be, the 80s, good friends and good food with water as my toasting beverage of choice. Clearly, that was not the case. Booze taper=fail.

And while lazing on the couch yesterday after my friends departed (miss you ladies already), I knew that I’d enjoy my rainy Sunday much more if I ditched the blanket of guilt. So I laced up my sneaks and headed to the park.

It was only misting lightly when I left the house, but by the time I got to the southern end of the park the marathon training gods decided a little bit of guilt was not enough punishment for going on a bender 2 weeks before a half marathon and 10 before a full. The skies opened up and buckets of rain came down for the entire stretch of the east side of the park all the way through Harlem Hills.

I finished 7 miles soaked. to. the. bone.

I could literally wring out my clothes afterwards.

And while I spent a good 6 out of those 7 miles with an internal monologue that went something like this, “Welp, guess if it rains in Richmond on Nov. 12th you’ll be staying in bed because there’s no way you’d be able to do this for an additional 19.2 miles,” I felt really good once I reached the 7th mile. Rainy run=success.

It was not a fast run. My legs felt like lead. Rain added another 5643 pounds of weight to my shoes and poor choice of running clothes. But finishing a run in a downpour when you really wanted to quit 2 miles in always makes you feel like a bit of a badass. And it got me up to 35 miles for week.

This week is going to be another craaazy one. Leaving work early yet again, for another interview today. And CT is finalllly back on the agenda for tonight. Then I need to knock out as many miles as possible Tues and Wed before taking of to Chicago/Madison for a long wedding weekend with the JD and his fam. Do we think I can make it through the reception sipping solely on water? Here’s hoping!!


– Why must wedding season and marathon training fall so perfectly in sync? How do you balance your social life with your running routine?

– What’s your favorite rainy day activity?



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