Annnd we’re back!

Since we last spoke, I was finally able to reconnect with Central Park. Twice. And essentially, I affectionately repeated this over and over again in my head while there:

After work I headed to the Time Warner Center because the New York Running Company housed there very graciously allows Central Park runners to leave their belongings in the store while they hit the pavement. Thank you NYRC, you are too kind! I dropped off my bookoos of commuter bags and headed out hoping to cover the outer loop. It was a complete change from the 6:30 a.m. runs I’m used to with the RB…pedicabs, real cabs, pedestrians, kids, and all other sorts of foot traffic beyond the normal runners and bikers (with anger management issues) made for a lot of dodging and swerving. But the weather was gorgeous, there was a good amount of shade, and I managed a pace just under 9. Not my best, but I’ll take it! 

Even more encouraging was discovering that those mountains I climbed at a park in Richmond were just as steep as I thought, because when I came around CatHill I thought someone was playing tricks on me and had moved the crouching cat down to lower ground. That hill didn’t bother me at all! And while Harlems were a little trickier, they really had nothing on last weeks climbs. Huzzah!

Afterwards, I had planned to continue my welcome back high by walking home after my run, vs. use the subway. But the going-out-of-business Borders on the way out of the Time Warner Center caught my eye and then threw a lasso around me and sluggishly dragged me through the aisles of 30% off books for far longer than necessary. I ended up leaving later with a growling stomach and hopping on the 1 train home.

This morning I guess I still wasn’t fully back in the swing of things because I slept through my alarm the first go-round and somehow managed to forget my keys (luckily, I knew the JD would be leaving a little later than usual this a.m. and could buzz me in) on the way out to reunite with the RB. It was great to have some on-foot company for a run (though biking buddies help a lot as well) after going solo for most of the last week and a half. A good portion of the convo was spent discussing how I’m feeling so flustered between dropping mileage in Richmond and seeing no end in sight to a jam-packed calendar. Between now and marathon day it looks like I’ll still be doing a lot of traveling, which makes me nervous. As much as I love discovering new places via running, I feel far more grounded and prepared in my training plan if I stick to my tracks here in NYC. Luckily, RB has some good recommends for next weekend in Chicago/Wisconsin. Now if only someone out in the blogosphere could provide some insight on where to try 15 miles in Arkansas? Takers? Anywho, we covered four miles in the park this a.m. and with the back and forth to my house I ended at about 6 for the day.

I think I’m in need of some serious yoga and/or CT (maybe tonight?) but I’m trying to tackle somewhere between 10-12 miles tomorrow morning, so don’t know how much of that extra stretch and strength stuff I’ll accomplish. Must. Avoid. Burnout. But that long run needs to be conquered tomorrow because its Bachelorette Weekend in the Big Apple, and I will be far too busy celebrating one of my best friend/bride-to-be’s “last weekends of freedom” 🙂

 — Is anyone else doing the Bronx half? Yesterday I pretended like I was all rainbows and butterflies ready for it, but now I’m getting a weeee bit nervous. [Sidenote to self: stop saying “huzzah” after every remotely exciting thing you write about].

— Do you like running in new/unfamiliar places or do you prefer to stick to your route while training?


4 Responses to “Annnd we’re back!”

  1. 1 Kelly August 11, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Wisconsin?! Whatcha going there for? I just got back on Sunday. Also, busy summer schedules is why I like to stick to later fall races and even early spring.

  2. 2 marathon winer August 11, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    heading to a wedding in madison! so, the weekend there with a few days in chicago on either end (first time there)!
    and my marathon is november 12th, haha, youd THINK that was late enough (any later and i’d be running in ski gear), but i am so swamped!!

  3. 3 runningismagical August 12, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I like running in new places with a buddy – that way in case I get lost I don’t look as goofy! Haha – its more fun to look silly with a friend anyways.

    • 4 marathon winer August 17, 2011 at 10:25 am

      I agree…too bad your not in ChiTown! But maybe I can get the JD to lace up his sneaks 🙂 If not, his sisters are runners too, so perhaps we WILL be lost and looking silly, but at least together!

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