Unwelcome Home?

And by welcome…I mean NYC’s welcome home after my trip home to Virginia. Home is where the heart is and my heart’s in both!

To all 5 of my dedicated blog readers, this is how dedicated I am to YOU: I am writing this at 9:00 p.m. after having been “traveling” since 9:00 a.m., when I have yet to unpack after a week-plus getaway to Richmond (which is KILLING my OCD self) and I need to be in bed in about five seconds so I am well rested for the reunion with my RB bright and early tomorrow morning. But it pained me to know that I was 12 hours late in posting to the blog, and since I have not yet missed a weekday post, here is the delayed Tuesday edition.

I got to enjoy one last morning in Richmond with my favorite niece, madre and older sister, whose birthday happens to be to be today. Happy birthday again Corky! I love you and miss you already.

Because of my prolonged departure from Richmond, Amtrak was not an option (the ticket prices jump up to the equivalent of airfare when purchased last minute). So Corky arranged things so she could work in Northern Virginia today and we headed up to my old stomping grounds where I would later catch a Bolt Bus back to NY.

I was happy to be able to keep her company while working on her bday, and equally happy to save a boatload of money on a reduced ticket price. Thank you Corky, and thank you Bolt!

It actually surprised me how nostalgic I got while driving through Pentagon City and getting glimpses of my favorite DC scenes scene.

THE Monument

Monument, you have no idea how much I missed your face. Well, I had no idea until today. But apparently, it was a LOT.

I think it was my first trip ever on the yellow line, and it’s probably better off that way. If I had to sit on the orange line while being all sappy and nostalgic I may have teared up a bit. As it was, the yellow line took me over the Potomac passed that handsome guy above, as well as the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. And with a bit of squinting I could see National Cathedral in the distance. So essentially, I saw all of the best sights from all of my best running routes back in DC. And it was awesome. I sort of wish I could have jumped off the metro and gone for a quick jog.

What else did I realize I missed from our nation’s capital?



Thank you Zach Morris cell phone for this excellent photo of a metro escalator.

I know what you’re thinking. “This girl’s supposedly training for a marathon and she’s so lazy that she is actually grateful for this pokey conveyor belt of people?

Well no. I’m all about the stairs in the subway. But they turn into blocks of death and fits of Tourette’s when you’re dragging one of these (very heavy) bad boys around:


My crappy cell does not do this monster justice. I think it comes up to my shoulder.

I think I pulled 4 muscles trying to squeeze it through the turnstiles at every subway stop. Awesome. [On a more honest/realistic note, I really DO think I pulled a muscle earlier today…deats on that later. Maybe. But this exertion certainly did not ease the pain.] On a quick sidenote…rather than bore you to tears with things that I don’t miss about DC, I’ll tell you one. The price of transportation. To all of my friends still there, can you PLEASE explain to me this new “Peak of the Peak” metro fair? Seriously?

Anywho, back to the agony of a muscle pain and painfully heavy piece of luggage in NY subways.

This was after one of my less pleasant Bolt Bus experiences during which we stopped about 8439043 times for passengers who couldn’t live without WiFi, for the driver to start a catfight with a passenger over an apparently too-long cell phone conversation, and numerous other overly dramatic and unnecessary events.

Which is why I got home two hours later than I had expected to.

And when I finalllllly squeezed my mamajama of a suitcase through the turnstile at my lovely subway stop, hauled it up to the street and headed for home, I was informed that the keys to our building are apparently not working in the door to our building today. And I may not be able to get back into my apartment after a morning run tomorrow. Which means I may not be able to do my morning run tomorrow. And I was not able to run tonight due to the late return. AND I WANT MY MORNING RUN TOMORROW. WITH MY RB REUNION. More on that situation tomorrow a.m.

Venting/whining aside (see–I told ya I’d be doing a lot of whining and wining during this marathon training!), I am VERY happy to be back. I havent seen the JD yet because of his crazy long hours at his new job. But he will be here momentarily and I will be giddy and happy.

Almost as giddy and happy as this little girl is that I’m home:

This is the other love of my life. Say hello to Santan. And her bf, Sully.

Have a great night! And see you tomorrow on what I hope will be my real welcome home, which includes a bit more time with the JD, the kitty above and the paths of Central Park!



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