Zomg. So I just wrote an entire post. Included links and everything. And lost it. I’m a REAL classy blogger. GRRR..

Lets try this again. Forgive me if I’m not fun and witty, that was all lost in the first attempt at recapping the last 24 hours.

So last night I met up with my soon-to-be-a-Mrs. friend Anne and we tackled her and her soon-to-be-hubby’s favorite 4-mile loop around the fan (for all of you non-Richmonders out there, it’s an adorable neighborhood downtown). It was a gorgeous night for jogging while simultaneously catching up with an old friend (thanks, Anne!) And the icing on the cake? A good chunk of those 4 miles were logged along the Boulevard and Monument Ave, two historic streets in downtown Richmond that will certainly be part of the marathon that I am running. In less than 100 days. Eeks.

Afterwards we took speed showers because we had a date with some lady friends at Joes Inn. More time to catch up with friends, and this time over good food. The restaurant was packed (which I consider a sign of a great food waiting when its a random Thursday and there’s a wait at 7:30). Once we were finally seated I began drowned myself in water and downed about 5846 pounds of carbs via delicious bread and veggie lasagna. Best thing about having a long run planned for the night before? Using the term “carb-loading” as an excuse to eat every amazing morsel of food in sight. Success.

While I was having a great time with the gals, I had to head home early for some shut-eye because Squigs was game for an early start this morning. We got out of the house a bit before 7 and made a last-minute decision to head towards my grandmother’s neighborhood, which has a pretty [albeit, manmade] lake to circle around. We actually had no destination in mind (or no clue of what direction to go), and since I was donning a mostly broken watch on my wrist, the plan was to just run based on time.

Now, I know I’m no speed demon. But I also know that for longerish runs I can usually maintain at least a 9 minute mile. And we ran for about an hour and 40 minutes. I’m also know mathematician, but I know that means we covered closer to 11 miles. Huzzah! More than the 10 I had planned, and more than the 9 Hal had planned. And I felt great!

I think it definitely helped having Squigs nearby on the bike. It may have even kept my pace a little faster than I would have alone. Thanks little sis! A lot of the miles were covered alongside the previously mentioned lake (curses to my lame phone that does not take pretty pictures), so it was nice and cool. I felt really good–strong even–up until the last little leg when I lost the trail and Squigs (who had turned around to go get the car).  I ended up on a slanty grassy strip that made me think I was going to roll my ankle with each step, but made it out alive. The end of the run synced up perfectly with my reaching my grandmother’s house (who will henceforth be known to the blog world as Nanny). I used up every last drop of water in her house, borrowed a t-shirt because mine was saturated beyond use, and headed back to the homestead feeling SUPER great to have knocked out that sweatastic run so early in the day.

In my earlier post that has since disappeared I included lots of links explaining how the JD’s new job kept him from coming with me on this trip (big sad face), went into some deats on the fun plans on the agenda as the week/weekend draws to a close, and asked some “bloggy” questions about running/riding with friends. But all of that will have to wait now because a. I’m annoyed that I finally wrote a non-lazy post with lots of links and “this is exactly how my run felt” info and then LOST it all. and b. I want to go take advantage of the jump on the day given by an early morning 11-miler.

Happy Friday, kids! Hope your weekends a blast!


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