Overcast Crosstraining

The clouds are out today, but I’m a-okay with that. Today’s a cross-training day and if I was logging miles on the elliptical in the local YMCA while the sun was out…I would NOT be happy. So its perfect that it’s a CT day.

Yesterday was a different story. The sun was out in full force so Squigs and I met my friend downtown to head to the river. As in the James River. Not recommended for swimming, but awesome for some rays, a cool breeze and excellent people watching. We may have even discovered the trails we’ll use for Friday morning’s 10-miler.

Afterwards I did my old 4 mile loop around my parents neighborhood. Maybe my legs were tired from the hills on Monday,  but they were sluggish 4 miles. Or maybe lead is more appropriate because the timing was okay, but I felt like Will Smith dragging an alien wrapped in a parachute through a scorching desert (ID4 anyone?) Dramatic analysis? Yes, but whatevs.

Hoping the rain stays away today so I can make it to the Richmond Flying Squirrels game. Haha, a bit of a change-up from Citifield and Yankee stadium, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

Happy hump day, all!


– Who is your favorite baseball team?

– What’s your favorite way to CT?


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