Almond Joy

I am writing these posts from Richmond in a hurry and due to lack of creativity, named this post after the delicious coffee creamer I’m trying out this morning. It’s dessert in a mug. And its bringing me some joy.

Know what else brings me joy? Yesterday’s run. It was no PDR, but it was definitely a milestone for me as far as marathon training. My little sister Squigs had a new bike she wanted to take for a spin, and I had just picked up a new pair of running kicks (I’m usually an Asiscs girl, but swung for some Brooks for the first time. If I get bored in a future post perhaps I’ll go into deats?) that I wanted to take for a spin. So we headed to a park near my parents house that she recommended.

We did a few loops of paved trails through the woods, me on foot, her on wheels and the family dog running alongside. Squigs had done this trail a few times, but completely failed to forewarn me that it was PACKED. with. HILLS.

I don’t mean hills like the Harlem Hills or Cat Hill in Central Park. I mean hills like I’ve never run before. Cat Hill was a cakewalk compared to these mountains we were hiking up…and essentially falling down. I can handle steep while going upward (because I can go as slow as I need to…and I did…and I felt like I was turtle walking toward the clouds), but the downhills? As steep as these were? I thought I was going to face plant every time. But I didn’t. And I finished somewhere between 4 and 5 miles by the end of the excursion and felt pretty freakin proud of myself.

*Note: I probably shouldn’t have talked these hills up so much because if someone ever said “Hey, I’m going to be in Richmond next week, what’s that park you recommend for a good workout?” and I tell them, and they go, they may laugh at how much hype I threw out here. But what can I say? I felt accomplished.

I did however tell Squigs that when we attempt this again on Friday for the 9-10 mile ride/run it better NOT be on such slopes.

– Have you hit any training highs lately?

– Do you love Almond Joys the way I do??


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