Greetings from the South

Ok. Richmond really isn’t THAT southern. But people move slower. And there’s definitely a general twang. And I am loving being here.

Funday Friday was awesome. All of the things we had planned to do turned out to be just as fun as expected.

I was up painfully early on Saturday morning to catch the train. Luckily, since we were up far later than I had anticipated, I was able to sleep for almost the entire 6-hour ride.

Saturday turned into a rest day, and rest up I did–sitting by the pool for a few glorious hours before meeting up with some friends downtown. We stopped by Sweet Frog, which can be called the 16 Handles of the south, and hung out for a few more hours at Starlite before calling it a night.

Rain on Sunday meant postponing the miles planned until it let up, and my dad and I instead hopped into the car to try to catch the new HP movie. Apparently everyone below the Mason-Dixon line had the same idea and it was sold out. Worked out well because the sun had decided to come out anyway, and back to the pool we went.

The run happened later in the afternoon and involved a few circles around my parents neighborhood and a loop past my old elementary school. The hills involved are actually comparable to Central Parks, so I won’t be losing out in that department. All in all I probably finished about 5 miles, give or take a few, around 5:00 in a Virginia summer. And it was a pretty good run. Guess that scorcher of a week in Manhattan got me well acclimated to the heat!

Week 3 finished up with about 31 miles or so. Not bad, not bad at all! Hopefully, Hal would agree. Looking forward to some more miles later today 🙂

Keep it classy, and enjoy your Monday!


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