Gotta keep this short because I’m in a hurry to get out the door and start a fun-packed Friday!

So yesterday did not go quite as planned. I did not, in fact, make it to yoga. Who’s surprised? But for a change, it was not my fault. There was a wee bit of drama (if you can call it that? anyway, more on that later. maybe.) at work and I ended up staying later than usual and missed the 5:30 dadasana (I don’t know yoga poses, that just sounded like a good starting one). I was a bit disgruntled over missing yoga [yet again] and headed home to make sure I was all packed for tomorrow’s early-morning departure to Richmond. Then waited very patiently for the JD to get home from work (sooo late) so I could say hello, how are you, goodnight.

This morning was extra hard waking up, what with hearing the rain pitter-pattering outside. I swear EVERY morning when my alarm goes off I have an internal battle with myself “You don’t need to run now, you can do it later, go back to sleep. You can’t do it later your day is jam-packed. One day off won’t kill you. But you’ve already taken XX days off this week. Meh, take another. Meh, you have a MARATHON to run. Ugh, ok.”

I’ve just admitted to the internet world that I’m crazy. But that script really does play in my head justttt about every morning that I’ve got a run scheduled. Add it some rain and the fact that it’s a solo run (RB’s are SO much better!), and its that much more difficult to bid farewell to the blankets.

But I did. And rather than head to the Hudson as I planned, stuck with the familiar loop of Central Park. Speaking of Central Park, is there one direction that is significantly easier than the other when doing the outer loop? I always tell myself that whatever direction I’ve decided to go is definitely the easier, but then I hit a killer hill (be it any in Harlem Hills or Cat Hill) and I’m like “doh! wrong direction!”

But today was nice. The rain, while sticky, kept things relatively cool. The park was pretty quiet this morning and it made for a nice, peaceful run. I went in at the NW corner near 110 and exited at the same spot. Then headed back toward the apartment and did an extra mile closer to home. The total for today was just over 8, which is just what I wanted!

So I’m feeling really good as this week of training draws to a close. Hal had this week as more of a taper week with 5 on the schedule for the long run. But I was comparing his plan with the one I followed for last fall’s half marathon–comparing  the first half of Hal’s (so 8-weeks) with the 10-week routine I covered a few months ago. At this point I was at about 10 miles, so I felt behind. But after talking with my oh-so-wise RB, she reminded me that last fall, the half was my end goal. This time around, my August 28th half is my midpoint, so I shouldn’t be going full-throttle into it if I want to last another 8 weeks afterward. Thank you again, RB (running buddy/running BRAINIAC)!

After the run I had to run a few errands (har har). I swung by the local bakery for some black and white’s to bring home to the fam (they may be in Richmond, but they know what to ask for in New York), cat food to last the monster while I’m gone for the week and some fresh-from-the-oven NY bagels from Absolute (again, for the fam).

Black and white

dear fam, if you weren't excited about me coming home before, you will be now. these will arrive with another bakery surprise.

And that super-fun-packed Friday I’ve been talking about? Heading to Discovery Times Square today to FINALLY see the HP Exhibit (laugh all you want, its love) with some cousins and their lovely significant others, then spending the day doing whatever city things we feel like doing! And laterrrr, dinner at the [apparently] famous Sardi’s with some more fam AND hitting up a dueling piano bar! Shwoof. Busy day, so I better hop to it!

Talk to you later….from RICHMOND! YAYAYAYAY!

– Let’s see how much you’d like my day…Are YOU a HARRY POTTER fan? Have you been to Sardi’s? Heard of it at least?

– What do you have planned for this lovely overcast Friday?


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