Tuesday Trickled

This week seems to be going by WAY slower than the last few. And I am surprisingly a-okay with that. Why you may ask? Because I’m hoping it means next week will also trickle by…if not even slower. Next week being the week I am visiting Richmond for a full nine days! Woohoo!

After what felt like a foreverrrr long day at work yesterday, the JD and I met up with our friend from college who lives in Astoria and her bf–who she picked up over on the Emerald Isle a few years ago 🙂 So it was fitting that we started out at The Perfect Pint. We went to the one on the east side, but just because there’s a location in Times Sq.[read: tourist town, I’m allowed to say that now] does not mean this place deserves a bad rap. Afterall, it’s an Irish pub approved by our two friends who know their Irish.

After a quick catch up there, and without a real plan in mind, we wandered down 3rd ave. in search of a place to grab a beer and a bite to eat (beer? is the marathon WINEr allowed to talk beer on this blog? i fail you not. i was THAT girl, who ordered a glass of wine at the perfect pint). We ended up at Wharf Bar and Grill, which is exactly what it sounds like…a bar and grill with some cheeky surf and turf decor. The food was good though, and a big plus for midtown, affordable.

Sadly, I have no running report to dispel this morning. I spent alllllll day yesterday trying to figure out how I wanted the rest of my running week to go. After reading the solo comment on yesterday’s post (thank you, Kelly) and chatting with a few other RB’s, I decided it was best to scrap the a.m. run and p.m. yoga planned and make today a cross-training day (this has a lot  nothing to do with the fact that I really don’t like yoga). I considered going to the gym this morning and keeping the evening free, but I’ve had some awkward experiences there in the wee hours of the morning (public showers are really just not my thing). So I’ll be looking forward to spending some QT at the gym after work and heading home to relaxxxxxx [read: finally make dinner, catch up on TrueBlood and pack for RICHMOND].

I promised myself that as soon as marathon training really started to pick up I would force myself to do yoga at least once a week. I went once, during the first week of training and it actually was not so terrible. I always get myself super hyped up and psyched out over yoga, but it’s never that bad. 

Sooo hopefully I will get a quick session in after work tomorrow night? We shall see. I’m hoping to do a shorter run distance-wise tomorrow but maybe add in some hill intervals or speedwork (RB-I have not asked you about this yet…) I actually have yet to try hills or speedwork, but I feel like if I’m going to rein back on the mileage I need to find new ways to challenge myself. Hopefully I’ll  knock out the long run early on Friday (I’m off work and there’s a LOT of fun stuff planned–stay tuned) so there’s no pressure to tackle it when I arrive in Richmond this weekend. Yayayayay!

Happy hump day, folks…and hopefully this week’s going at a pace you enjoy as well!

– Do you incorporate yoga into your running routine? Do you notice a difference if you do or don’t?

– What’s your favorite Irish pub in Manhattan?


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