Holy Heat

So last night was another lovely [yet unexpected] night out in the city. The JD and I decided to do a more subdued New Job Celebration [read: sans shots of Jameson], and headed down to a restaurant called (aged.) on Broadway. Note: I know what you’re thinking, “he just got a job after working pro bono, jumping the gun on spending a bit, eh?”


a. its a rarity that this actually happens.

b. we had good reason to celebrate. and

c. we certainly DON’T live beyond our meager means…we live off of groupons and coupons!

So thanks to a gift certificate picked up on restaurant.com, we were able to enjoy lots of delicious food at (aged.). I had the crabcake app and a side of kale (I’m a wee bit obsessed lately) and the JD had a delish chicken dish. I’m not going to pretend to be a “foodie” and post pictures of said dishes. But know they were yummy and not a crumb was leftover. We even managed a super good [albeit, pricey] glass of pinot noir each (later, I looked up the wine that we had online and discovered I can get it at a wine store on Columbus for $10 a bottle, vs the $10 a glass we paid. And I plan to).

I had an early bedtime and 16 handles was a smidge out of the way as far as getting home goes, so instead we had our first-ever trip to Tasti D Lite (confession: I’ve been dying to go here for YEARS, and only because Charlotte and Harry went on a cute little date night on SATC). Seventy-calorie creamy coconut frozen yogurt rolled in mini chocolate chips? Yes PLEASE. It was delish. And froyo has calcium. Runners need strong bones. So…perfect little pre-early run fuel? I think so.

And speaking of running. I’m the kind of person who thrives in the heat. I LOVE it. People argue with me when I say I’d much rather be a little sweaty if it means sitting in the sun rather than bundled up in a blanket or coat on a freezing winter day.

That mentality may very well change during marathon training though. Especially if we continue to have scorchers like today.

Even at the painfully early hour of 6:20 when I left my apartment for about a mile warm-up jog to meet my running buddy, temperatures were in the 80s. Walking out the door was like walking into a sauna. And I’m not exaggerating (remember, under most circumstances I enjoy hot weather). Maybe this will help demonstrate just howww scorchingly hot Manhattan has been this week. Yesterday, while walking home from work I passed a trio of people awkwardly standing around a mess on the sidewalk with camera equipment. Come to find out, they were literally testing that old saying of it being “so hot” you could “fry an egg on the sidewalk”. And it was working. Gross.

*Update. I just saw on NBC NY that they group also successfully cooked a pizza and some mac and cheese. On the NYC sidewalk.

But considering the heat, running this morning really wasn’t that bad. Luckily, I had an RB who was willing to tackle 4 miles with me (she’s baller and doing the NYC marathon so is a week ahead in her training). We did the inner loop of the park, going counter clockwise across the 102nd st transverse, down the east side and back along via the 72nd st transverse. She peeled off back at our 100th st starting point, bidding me the best of luck as I continued on in the heat.

I thought about just heading over to the reservoir to hammer out a mile and a half before heading home, but some random burst of superwoman strength overcame me and I decided to get the extra 1.5 miles in on the Harlem Hills (dun dun dun). Running past a beautifully sparkling public pool when you’re so gross that you run the risk of your clothes coming off in a tidal wave of sweat (and when the pool is not open to the public until 11 a.m.) is a bit like harakari, but I got through it. And felt like a bit of a bad ass afterward.

So much so, that I contemplated doing an extra lap of the reservoir anyway, but once I started in that direction I realized that a self-induced heat stroke was not the best way to end week two of marathon training. Instead I told myself “next time,” and headed home. Once there, I was worried that I’d contaminate the building with grossness, so I walked another mile around the neighborhood to cool off.  When it hits the expected temperature of 99 degrees later this afternoon, I will feel VERY happy to have that run (turned out to be about 7.68 miles) out of the way.

It was also nice to be back early enough to start tackling lots of errands AND catch Hoda and Kathie Lee (I LOVE Hoda, and I’m not afraid to say so). Later this afternoon I’ll be grabbing a train to Long Island for the weekend…first trip to Fire Island is tomorrow and I can’t wait! Have a good weeeekend guys!

P.S. Apparently the “bloggy” thing to do is ask your “readers” questions at the end of the post and the blogger with the most comments is the coolest. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have readers, but just in case, and at the risk of being uncool…here’s a few questions. What are your tips for training in the heat of the summer? Have any fun plans this weekend??


2 Responses to “Holy Heat”

  1. 1 Sass July 22, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    my tip is Don”t Do It!!!!!

  2. 2 Krista Keyes July 22, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    you are such a badass! and i feel like SUCH a shmuck thinking we were on the same [running] page this time last year….sighhhhh….i do my best summer runs at night; i’m not a morning person so i go at 8:30pm and it gets cooler as i run (not hotter, as is the case in the morning). SO PROUD of you for being a running MACHINE and so JEALOUS of your weekend trip to fire island! ❤ and so HAPPY for "the jd" lol for his new job!!! i need to plan a visit soonnnnnnn! LOVE YOU! XOO

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