Call it a slip-up?

So last night didn’t go quite as planned. And day 2 of this blog isn’t going to go quite as planned (i.e. I will likely not be reflecting on this morning’s run, as it did not happen, or focusing much on marathon training at all. Tomorrow, I promise).

A few weeks ago I thought I was being cute and picked up tickets for “An Evening with Entourage” as a sort-of surprise for the JD (I’ve noticed on all of these blogs that ladies give their boyfriends cutsie little nicknames, and this was the best I could come up with. And while it’s lame to use JD because my boyfriend HAS a JD, I don’t mind it quite as much since it’s Zach Braff’s character on Scrubs and who doesn’t love Scrubs?). Well, as is often the case, the legal field did not want him to attend said Evening with Entourage. For a change though, it wasn’t his pro-bono boss keeping him late…it was a potential future boss calling him in for an interview. Ok, I’ll take it.

So in very chivalrous style, my cousins boyfriend came in from Long Island and attended what I thought would be a sneak peak of the season premiere of Entourage and a live Q&A with the cast. I was severely wrong. Apparently only money-tossing members and HBO exec’s were actually allowed in the same theater as the cast themselves, and my friend and I were banished to an upstairs “theater” where we watched what was going on underneath us on a big screen. And I don’t mean big screen like when you go see a movie “on the big screen”. I just a large and portable screen quickly thrown up in an empty room with some chairs for us “nonmember” and “nonHollywood” nobodies. Epic fail.

In the venue’s defense though, I very politely (no really, I was very polite!) told them that the web site that sold me the tickets was a wee bit misleading and they very kindly reimbursed me the money paid and my friend and I very politely exited and headed downtown in search of a bar. Oops.

*Note: we atleast were able to get a glimpse of Drama (Kevin Dillon) and a few close up’s of Ari (Jeremy Piven) as he spoke with press on the “red carpet.”

A bar wouldnt have been so bad if I had just one glass of wine and headed home to rest up for the run I had slated for [very early] this morning. But I felt bad that my friend hiked all the way into the city under false pretenses (though he was amazingly nice about it all and played it off  like it was NBD) and thought the least I could do was have another glass of wine.

Then the JD called.

And came to meet us.

And said the interview went swimmingly.

And that he had been offered a position on the spot.

A paid position!

So more wine was [naturally] had. Bad Katie, I know. But at least I said no to the many celebratory shots the boys were putting back! I have some self control. Read: HATE shots.

Sooo the 6:00 wake-up call/run did not happen. Stinks a bit because I was actually looking forward to (well, sort of) my first hill interval I had planned with a running buddy (hence forth, another nickname: RB). Oh well.  A mini slip up is a slip up I can live with when it means toasting to your very hard-working boyfriend finally getting what he deserves. I am a very proud gf this morning.

And it works out. No really, it does!

My “long run” for this week is supposed to be 7 miles on Saturday. I say “long” run because prior to the start of training I was clocking about 6-7  miles on my normal runs, and I am essentially now waiting for Hal’s Novice 1 (again, you’re only doing the Novice 1, Katie? Not even Novice 2??) to catch up to where I am, and then I can really start whining about how hard marathon training is getting excited about new mileage. But I am heading out to Long Island for the weekend to visit friends and family and planning to do my 7 tomorrow morning. Hal usually requests a rest day or easy run the day before a long one. Yes elliptical, I hear you calling me! You will find me at the club gym as soon as I head outta work this afternoon. Best way to beat the heat!

Stay cool today, kids!


4 Responses to “Call it a slip-up?”

  1. 1 Sass July 21, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Hahahahaha…sounds like a good nite!

  2. 2 kels July 27, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    You were never good at shots

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