Hello world!

Everything about this blog to date is misleading (and its only about 5 minutes old). As I’m sure you oh-so-savvy and seasoned blog readers noticed, I was trying to be creative with the title.

Let me back up a minute. I graduated from JMU in the Spring of 2007 with a degree in Media Arts and Design (concentration: print journalism, minor: writing and rhetoric). Beginning in some of my earliest SMAD classes (abbrevo for school of media arts and design that I will use often) professors were urging us to start blogs–they were the “wave of the future,” “the future of the industry,” “The Reason magazines and newspapers were on their way out the door.”  I never had any desire to, and for a number of reasons:

1. While I missed the leo-line by a mere two or three days as far as birthdays go, I am lightyears away as far as personalities go. It’s hardly ever “all about me” in my own little world, so why would the world wide web have any interest in what I have to say?

2. I don’t have that much to say. At least, not that much that I think is deep and profound enough to shoot off into cyber space. 

3. I don’t even read blogs, so don’t know the first thing in the world about starting one, keeping one going, finding and maintaining a readership, etc. etc. etc.

All of those reasons still ring true as I begin this blog–with the exception of numero tres. Since moving to New York City, joining New York Road Runners and signing up for my first-ever marathon (much more on all of that to come), I have become quite literally obsessed with all-things running…specifically, blogs devoted to running.

So I promised myself that to enhance my career (if you can call it that) and recommit to the fall marathon I’m running (you know what they say, the more people you tell the more likely you are to reach your goals), I would sync up the launch of my first-ever blog with the first training day of my first-ever marathon.

Well, that first training day wassss….last Monday. But better late than never, right?! I did at least begin my training according to my coach’s plan the Hal Higdon marathon guidebook and the delay in the blog was due to lack of creativity in coming up with a name. Which brings me back to where this all started.

I need to to be clear to all those who dare to read any further, that if “Winer” is supposed to be a clever spin on words, its a spin of “whiner” and never “winner.” I by no means consider myself a winner when it comes to running–I still have trouble convincing myself I’m a “runner” at all (I did after all opt to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 program. What, Katie?! Couldnt even buck up for Novice 2?!). And while I do love, love, love my red wine, I am also by no means, a wine connoisseur. I don’t really plan to ever become a wine connoisseur either. But I do plan to become a better runner as I train over the next 16 14.5 weeks, and a better blogger as I track that training. And you better believe that after I hit my first PDR (personal distance record…which will be anything beyond 13.1 miles) my reward will be a glass of wine. Well, I’ll indulge in such a reward for many distances before 13.2 as well, but thats besides the point. The point is, I do love to run. And I do love wine. And after two weeks of trying to sum all that up in a blog name and finally get this party started…and failing…I shared those sentiments with my geniusly creative cousin, and such was born: Marathon Winer.

And for those of you completely uninterested in everything I just said and planning to never return to this site again, I will leave you with this: When I’m not running or enjoying a glass of wine somewhere [preferably outdoors], I am for certain traipsing all over this awesome city–hitting every tourist spot in sight (I’m not afraid to say so) and discovering every little street festival, sidewalk art, musical act, workout freebie, restaurant gem and turning over every other rock this dear old dirty town has to offer. So if you’re not on the island–live quasi-vicariously through me. And if you are–return to this site for tips on whats cheap fun and/or free ( I swear I can give couponmom.com a run for its money) or at the very least, to critique my opinions on what is cheap fun and/or free.


7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. 1 Harnew July 20, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Oh … you left out the other N. Haha. Welcome to Wordpess.

    • 2 marathon winer July 21, 2011 at 1:15 pm

      Haha, thanks! It was actually intentional though…WINEr, for a wine lover who happens to be training for a marathon… 🙂

  2. 3 Sass July 21, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Hey Kate…enjoyed reading your blog….

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